{20 Beach Themed Activities for Kids}

20 Beach Themed Activities for Kids

We love going to the beach as a family so having a week of fun centered around beach themed activities was a must for us this summer. I like to gather up a good list of ideas for my theme of the week and then we can use what we want from the list. Here are some fun beach themed activities for kids. Over the next week, we will plan to do a handful of these activities. I try to have a variety of options as it can depend what we want to do on a day to day basis. 1) Paint Shells 2) Foil Fish 3) Sand Dough  4) Feed the Shark Alphabet Game  5) Treasure … [Read more...]

{Accomplish Goals With These Tips}

Accomplish goals with these tips!

How to accomplish goals that I am making each month. I have struggled with the follow through of the goals and after going through Make Over Your Mornings, I have seen some changes I can make to my goal setting so I am able to accomplish goals more. I was not always accomplishing goals because of 2 main reasons:  1) Too many goals for each month 2) Not revisiting the goals throughout the month. In order to solve these problems I decided to break my goals into sections: Personal, Marriage, Family, Home, and Writing/Shop. Under each section, I will make … [Read more...]

{Tuesday Talk 26 + Babbel}

2015_06 Tuesday Talk 13 Hosts copy

Happy Tuesday~ Welcome to week 26 of Tuesday Talk!  I am so happy to have you here! Before I get to the link party, I wanted to share with you a fun mobile app for your iPhone or Android. I recently tried out the app Babbel and honestly I was not sure what to expect at first. However, I was quickly impressed as I used the app. I took Spanish for 4 years in high school and then 3 years in college. When I came out of college, my Spanish was decent and I was able to use it some when I worked at a school for a couple years before becoming a stay at home mom. But that … [Read more...]

{What I Learned… June}

What I Learned

At the end of every month I join Emily and friends in reflecting on the past month before we move forward. I love practicing this as it helps me to see what I learned and see little things I am grateful for. Here is what I learned in June... 1) Time away is beautiful. For the first time since I had my daughter in May 2014, I ventured away for an entire day with friends. I know a year and a month is a long time to wait for that, but she would not take a bottle so you know how that goes. Anyways, my husband gave me a ticket to the Celebrate Motherhood retreat for … [Read more...]