{Hope & Love v.6}

must reads for everyone!

One of my goals through blogging and writing is to encourage others and also share little pieces of life together. I always love reading posts of what people are loving lately and also love reading posts of encouragement. When I combined these two concepts, I came up with Hope & Love. My goal for this series is for it to be a place to share things that will give you hope and to share different things I love.  I know how long some weeks can be, and sometimes we just need a little hope and love.  A Little Love... Project Print Giveaway- Recently, I have had the joy … [Read more...]

{DIY Birthday Tee}

Only costs $7

Hello, it is Rebekah again popping in to share a little! My littlest one just turned two at the beginning of the month. It was my goal to not go pintrest-mom-birthday-party-crazy. I mean, she’s just turning two, we didn’t need to go all out, right? I love a good party, I actually love planning and hand-making decorations, baking cakes from scratch, and all of it, seriously, love it! BUT, I get a huge amount of stress in the execution of a party. I kind of obsess about all the little details, almost to an unhealthy level, and this year, I just wanted to spend time … [Read more...]

{My Fall Reading List}

A reading list for you- take time to do what you love

At the beginning of the summer, I made a reading bucket list for myself. I have loved getting back into reading again. For so long, I was caught up in the newness of motherhood and I stopped doing a lot of the things I love. Over this past year, I have seen the importance of taking time for myself and that it makes me a better mom when I do so. As promised, I will review my summer reading list and I am even going to share a reading list for the fall. Review of Summer Reading In This House, We Will Giggle: Making Virtues, Love, and Laughter a Daily Part of Your … [Read more...]

{Teaching Tools & Tuesday Talk}

What tools to use to teach your children

As a former preschool assistant, I love all things related to school and naturally I love finding different ways to teach my children. Having my children home during the little years, is definitely challenging at times, but it is also something I absolutely love. I love using these years to find opportunities for teaching. In the past, I have been very structured with our learning time, but lately we have become more relaxed with a strong emphasis on learning through play. Today, I wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite teaching tools. Melissa and Doug Stamps- We … [Read more...]

{Creating a Morning Routine}

Creating a morning routine can save you time

Over the past few months, mornings have turned into a time that I look forward to. Yes, I have come to love and adore mornings. However, it was not always this way. was for me. In fact, I often dreaded the morning and felt like I would wake and constantly be rushing around; already behind.  Stress filled mornings were not how I wanted to start my day, and I knew it had to change. So I started waking up a little earlier and began a little morning routine. This morning time helps me to care for myself. It makes me a better wife and mom. Everyone is going to … [Read more...]