St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Activities

Today I am sharing the fun activities I plan for us to do on Monday and Tuesday for St. Patrick’s day. I will share pictures of how it all went along with our letter u activities next Thursday.

 Fruit Loop Towers from Mess for Less.  

Shamrock and Rainbow Counting- I was inspired from this post and decided to alter it and use it for math. I will have a number on the shamrock and they have to add the correct amount of rainbow strips.

Find The Leprechaun-When I helped teach preschool in a school setting, we always had the kids come into the classroom and see what a mess the silly Leprechaun left. I decided to make some green footprints and the kids will follow the footprints to the treasure that the leprechaun leaves (I plan to just get some items from the dollar store- keep it simple).

Wear Green/Green Hunt- Simple activity, tell the kids to wear green on Monday! Also, go outside, if nice, for a hunt for things that are green!

4 Leaf clover Marble Painting- This is always a hit with my kids and a great way to practice hand control.

image source: Parents Source

Turn the Letters into Gold- I made a little worksheet creating a pot of gold, each circle has a different letter in it. We will use our Dot-a-Dot Markers to mark the letter GOLD when I call out a letter.


Sand Digging for Gold- I am hoping to have some nice weather next week and hide some gold coins in the sandbox for them to find. Once we find them, we will count them.

Leprechaun Mask from The Little Activity ChestI love this idea and cannot wait to share how it turns out!

Paint a Rainbow- My son loves to paint, so what better idea than to break out the paints and have him paint a rainbow?!

Shamrock/Rainbow Patterns- I plan to have some little squares with either shamrocks or rainbows on them for the kids to create patterns. We are trying to expand beyond the ABAB pattern.

If I Were a Leprechaun I Would…- This will be a writing prompt on Monday.

Tweezing Gold from To the Lesson

I am really excited for Monday to start this week of School! What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day fun?

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