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Sometimes we just need to mix up the activities at our house. We are usually home during the day, because right now it is just easier that way. But I do like to keep variety in our play- without spending tons of money. So today, I decided to share some of our favorite cheap activities for toddlers– and these are all perfect for a rainy day!

favorite cheap activities

Build a Tent

He really loved this (I know in the picture he looks stunned but I promise he loved it)! He would bring different toys in there and books. All you need are some of your chairs and a blanket or sheet. So an activity with no prep needed and no supplies needed to buy! 

JanSchool 009Shaving Cream with Cars

*** Messy Warning****

Yes, this is a mess, but I honestly would almost rather deal with this than paint. You could also have them do this in a tray or on a baking sheet. Our table was already a mess from a Letter Squash Activity his older brother did, so I was not really too concerned.

Super simple and the shaving cream was 98 cents at Walmart. Just squirt some shaving cream and give them some cars (or you could use plastic animals, trains, etc).

JanSchool 029

Car Wash- I will put a towel on the kitchen floor. Then I set a low bucket or container with some water and bubbles in it. My son loves to put his cars in here and then take them out. Sometimes I will place a bowl of plain water too so he can rinse them.

Color Sort- Dump out the building blocks and sort the colors together. Then build a blue house or a red train- have fun with it and talk about the colors together.

Make a Zoo- If you have stuffed animals or plastic animals (we seemed to have accumulated so many of these!), then get these out and have your little one create a zoo.

Play Store- My sons love to do this. They set up an area and then pick out items they are “selling.” Then my husband and I will come and “shop.” You can even make some play money to use.

Coloring- Sometimes we get so caught up in all these other crafts that we forget the fun of coloring.

What simple activities does your toddler enjoy? Join me again next Tuesday for Tuesdays Tots.

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