The crux of a sibling relationship: you annoy them as much as they annoy you. What better way to irritate your sibling than making them victim of your pranks. The relationship between a brother and sister is strengthened by the continuous onslaught of pranks they pull on each other because there is no one else in the world that would accept their mean side and still love them the same. The Indian festival Rakhi celebrates this sweet and spicy relationship between a brother and sister. Here are some pranks that you can pull on your sister making not just the day of Rakhi but every other day of your life fun, albeit on your sister’s expense, but that hasn’t stopped you before, has it? So, let’s dive in!

  1. Allow her to start her day in a melodious way

This is a pretty simple one. All you have to do is find all the alarm clocks you can and as soon as she falls asleep, put the clocks all around her. If your sister is not a morning person, then you can let your evil side shine and set the alarm to go off at sunrise. Sit back and watch as the house explodes on the day of festival.

  1. Pull this trick and she’ll be the one who’s sour-y

Again, an easy one. After she has calmed down from the morning blast, she’ll be in for another surprise, which of course won’t be a pleasant one. This prank will require you to hijack your sister’s tooth brush and put some lemon juice on it. Have a camera ready to record the brilliant expressions of your sister….and possibly your beating. But hey, atleast this will whiten her teeth!

  1. Make her day colourful

You are probably already aware of how important hair care is for your sister. So, what better way to annoy her than by targeting something she cherishes? Find her shampoo bottle and replace the fluid inside it with a washable dye. She will have no idea what has been done to her hair until she comes out looking all red or pink or blue or perhaps neon? Make sure you use a dye that can be removed easily and you are good to go. This is a harmless prank and would be fun to try.

  1. Sweet Oreos for your sweet sister

It is a tradition that during Rakhi brother and sister feed each other something sweet. You can add a little twist in this. Convince your sister to play a game where you blindfold the other person and feed them. Now you need to do some preparation beforehand. Get a pack of Oreos and replace the cream inside some of them with tooth paste. When she agrees to be blindfolded, feed her a normal piece and watch her smile. Then feed her your specially prepared Oreo next and… I hope you still have that camera around.

  1. That made her salty

This one would be seen by her as a peace offering but is actually a prank in disguise. Add a dash of salt to your sister’s glass of juice or drink and pull your best innocent face as you serve it to her. Of course you will be shot by a string of curses but it will be worth the magnificent reaction.

  1. The one that will make her lose her “head”

You are going to have to put some effort to pull this off. Element of surprise is necessary for fruitful result. This requires photo editing skills so if you are bad at it, ask a friend who can print a “head” for you. Then, look for a “head” sized jar and place the picture inside it. You can now put this terrifying “head” in a jar and wait for it to scare the daylights out of your sister. Be prepared with a chocolate to calm her down as you don’t want your sister angry on the day on Rakhi.

  1. Bitter Caramel


Gather some onions. Start by removing the stem and then peel and chop off the ends of onions. Buy some wooden craft sticks and put them into the onions. Heat the caramel till it melts (preferably two minutes) and then roll the onions in it. Make sure it covers the entire surface of onion. Let it cool down by putting it into a refrigerator. Viola! You have made a perfect, sweet, gift for your sister to give her on the occasion of Rakhi.  Do make sure to get something else as well otherwise I don’t guarantee your safety.

  1. A love letter

Find out who you sister has a crush on and then get to work. Write a love letter addressed to your sister from her crush and post it to your address. In the letter, mention that “her crush” wants to take her out on a date and mention the time he’ll come pick her up. Watch her get all dressed up and snicker. Is this mean? Sure. Will you let that stop you? Probably not. Will she be heart-broken? Maybe but then her heart wouldn’t be the only thing that would break. Be sure to wear knee-caps, elbow-caps and a helmet and hide all the bats.

  1. Hide and seek

This is a simple one as all you have to do is get access to her laptop/phone, hide all her stuff in a folder and make it hidden. Have fun watching her panic.

  1. Gift within a gift within a gift within…you get the idea

This is the time to put your artistic skills in use. A DIY present is the best gift you can give to your sister on Rakhi, right? Take a huge box, preferably the size of a shoe box and decorate it neatly. Place a smaller box inside it and yet another smaller one inside the second box. The number of small boxes you put inside it entirely up to you. Ultimately, wrap a painted stone in the last box. Give it to her and watch her excitement turn into annoyance and then anger. However, you can buy genuine Rakhi gifts for Sisters from websites such as

Good luck and have a mischievous Rakshbandhan!