1. Take a Trip to the Blue Lagoon

Located between the small island of Comino and Cominotto is the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Most famous for its stunningly clear waters and white sands, it makes the ideal place to enjoy a small part of the Mediterranean Sea, making for total perfection. This ideal little place is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The island of Comino is a very tranquil place to relax and really take in your surroundings.

  1. Join in with a Village Feast

The Maltese are some of the friendliest people around, celebrations are often started up to a fortnight before the feast date. Honouring either their patron saint or the second in importance saint, you are able to enjoy the music performed by local bands, visit stalls, watch the fireworks and even take in the brightly decorated surrounding streets and churches. Feast season is during the months of April and September.

  1. Go Scuba Diving

The islands of Malta and its clear blue Mediterranean Sea offer some of the best scuba diving in Europe. All three islands have unique diving experiences each with something different to offer. Either an abundance of reefs, wrecks or caves, making Malta home to some of the most interesting diving locations in the Mediterranean.

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  1. Be Popeye for a Day

Mellieha is home to the film setting for the Popeye movie, which was released back in 1980, and starred Robin Williams. This location is now one of Malta’s main tourist attractions, where visitors are able to walk around the set, go inside the buildings and also enjoy other attractions like swimming pools, sunbathing areas, boat trips, regular shows and dining. A perfect day out for the whole family!

  1. Visit the Silent City of Mdina

Take a trip to the ancient walled city and explore its history which can be traced back more than 4,000 years. With a current population of approximately 300, many of these highly sought properties within the walls are passed down between the generations. Nowadays it is home to traditional shops, small exhibitions and unique restaurants. All in keeping with the narrow and gas lamp lit roads, away from the all the hustle and bustle of the neighbouring villages.

  1. Taste a Pastizzi and Kinnie

Amongst the numerous amounts of pies, pastries, pastas and pizza slices found at numerous kiosks, you will find the infamous Pastizzi. A Pastizzi is a filled, hot, mini-pastry. To help wash it down, why not try a bottle of Malta’s own soft drink, Kinnie, a taste of Malta and one of its favourites.

  1. Learn the Language

Maltese is a mixture of a combination of languages, combining Arabic, Italian, Sicilian and English. With an alphabet containing 30 letters, some of which contain diacritical marks and some digraphs. It is believed that the Maltese language actually contains between 6 to 20% of English words. Meaning you already know some of the language!

  1. Experience the Fish Market at Marsaxlook

Every Sunday in Marsaxlook is dedicated to the fish market. Make sure you arrive early in order to gain the full experience of all the hard work carried out by the Maltese fishermen. Immerse yourself in the freshly caught fish of many varieties. Take this opportunity to sample some of the freshly cooked seafood at one of the eateries that surrounds the market itself.

  1. Spend a Day in Gozo

Just a short ferry trip away, you are able to visit the island of Gozo. This island is commonly considered to be a much more rural, rustic and scenic place than Malta itself. The small island measures 67km2 and is the ideal location for a day trip. Visit the quaint shops and cafes, and take in the true Maltese culture.

  1. See the Island’s World War II History

Malta became the most bombed country in the world during the war. Over 14,000 bombs dropped on Malta. The islands outstanding history from the war means that there are many places to visit and experience this first hand. Air raid shelters, aviation museums and war rooms create their own living history.