11 Mistakes with Hair Extensions and How to Avoid Them


Did you know most people feel self-conscious about their appearance? Do you want to try a new hair and long hairstyle? If you’d like to learn about hair extensions, we can help.

This guide will go over hair extensions and ways to improve the installation process. You’ll learn about the mistakes with hair extensions you can avoid.

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1. Don’t Skimp Out on Quality

If you choose to get hair extensions, don’t make the mistake of buying low-quality extensions.

Spend your time researching hair extensions and the different kinds available. You can read more about the company and find the best fit for you.

Learn more about how much hair extensions cost.

2. What Kind of Hair Extension Will You Choose?

Not every hair extension will look the same. Get some hair extensions made from unprocessed human hair or processed with chemicals.

Synthetic hair extensions will look like human hair, but they aren’t real. The extensions are an excellent option if you want a short-term hairstyle. These hair extensions are also less expensive.

You can choose how you will attach the hair extensions to your head. Some use clip-in hair extensions, while others get a ponytail hair extension.

3. Think About Color Carefully

Spend your time thinking about the color you choose for your new hair.

You might get quality extensions that cost a lot, but they look unnatural. Hair will look strange if the color doesn’t match well with your features.

4. Don’t Wash Your Extensions

Stunning hair extensions will get ruined by people who don’t properly wash them. Make sure you use quality conditioner and shampoo products.

Don’t brush your extensions while they are wet. Instead, wait for your extensions to dry before you begin brushing them. When you brush your extensions, use a wide-toothed comb.

5. Treat and Maintain Your Hair Extensions

You can end up over-washing your hair extensions and not caring for them enough. You will need to continue to take care of your extensions after you get them.

To prevent knots in the hair, brush your extensions out with a special brush. If you choose to use hot tools, make sure you protect your hair with a heat protectant.

Do you want to maintain your hair extensions for an extended period? Make sure you keep up with salon appointments. Regular appointments will help maintain the lifespan of your hair extensions.

6. Avoid Putting the Extensions Too High

Hair extensions are great until someone notices them. If the hair extensions get placed too high on your scalp, your hair won’t cover the tracks.

You can avoid this by sectioning out the hair on the top of your scalp. Section the hair, so it covers the roots of your extensions.

Think about the kinds of hairstyles you would like to do with your extensions. Do you like a half-up, half-down look? Your extensions should remain covered even when you pull your hair up.

7. Don’t Wear Too Many Extensions

You might want to add volume to your hair because you’re sick of limp hair. But you could make the mistake of adding way too many extensions. Try to avoid an excessive amount of extensions.

You will end up weighing down your natural hair and causing pain. People don’t want a headache from their extensions.

8. Don’t Sleep With Your Extensions

You should avoid the mistake of sleeping with your hair extensions. Otherwise, you could ruin your extensions and end up with tons of knots.

Don’t sleep with your extensions because otherwise, they will become tangled. You should remove your extensions and lay them out before bed. This way, you can extend the extensions’ lifespan and avoid knots.

9. Don’t Backcomb Your Roots

Before you clip in hair extensions, you should look at gently backcombing your roots. Give your clips something to hold. If you have fine hair, it will keep the clips in place.

After you backcomb your roots, clip in the hair extensions over the top. The backcombed roots will ensure the extension weft remains secure and doesn’t move.

10. You Picked the Wrong Salon

If you work with an inexperienced hairstylist, you could end up with damaged hair. Make sure you work with an experienced one.

Go to a reputable hair salon. This way, the expert stylist will tell you how to care for your hair. They will also suggest the best extensions for your particular hair type.

Poor maintenance and application of your extensions will end up damaging your natural hair.

11. Poor Installation Process of Extensions

You also should determine your hair type. This will help you understand the installation process best for your hair type.

Do you have thin hair? You should avoid using glue and adhesives. This could damage your hair.

Look for methods of extensions application and pick one that suits your hair. That’s why you should also find an expert who will help you throughout this process.

Understand the different pros and cons of the other methods.

Mistakes With Hair Extensions

We hope this guide on the mistakes with hair extensions to avoid was helpful.

Ensure you get the right color for your skin tone and get high-quality extensions. Take the extensions out at night and maintain them well.

Are you looking for more beauty and fashion resources? Stay on the blog and keep checking out our helpful resources.

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