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12 Unique House-Warming Gifts


A move is always a big step in people’s lives, a shift that often involves significant changes, hopefully for the better.

It is lovely to be welcomed into your new home by friends and receive a house-warming gift. The options are many and varied.

Here below, are a few ideas of some gifts.

Wall Clock

In addition to being practical, wall clocks serve to decorate and give style to the walls of a house, so they are always an excellent gift.

There are so many different models that you will undoubtedly find one that suits the tastes of the person who you want to give it to.


Like wall clocks, there are countless models of coasters: classics, music-themed, round, square, everything you can imagine.

It is just a matter of finding the one you think they might like. Coasters are a foolproof gift because they are essential to preserving the furniture in any home.

Key Hangers

You have most likely wasted a lot of time looking for your keys more than once because you did not remember where you left them.

The best solution to this problem is to have a cute key hanger to ensure that they will always be in the same place. There are some pretty fun models that anyone will like.

A Lamp

In recent times, lamps have become an essential decorative element. They can illuminate the darkest corner and completely change the atmosphere of a room.

A lamp is always an original gift for that friend who has just moved.

A Jute Rug

Forget about old carpets; a jute rug for the kids is an ideal gift. These rugs are made of natural fibres that give a rustic but at the same time elegant touch to any home.

Among its advantages is that they are eco-friendly, durable and easy to wash and transport.

Home Cleaning

A person who has just moved has many things to do, and cleaning can be one of the most difficult.

A voucher for a cleaning service will be greatly appreciated.

A Cooking Board

Everyone has a dull and boring cutting board, but have you thought about gifting a cooking board with style?

Currently, you can get a wide variety of kitchen boards of different sizes, materials and even additional functions.

You can also personalize them with the person’s name or a special message to make them smile while they are cooking.

A Letterboard

Letterboards are perfect for giving an original touch to any corner of the house and leaving personalized messages for any occasion.

Many people use them to place reminders, shopping lists or emergency phone numbers at close hand, which makes them a friendly and functional gift.

A Bottle Opener

Nothing is worse than realizing that there is no bottle opener at home at the last moment. In addition to opening bottles, this tool is an element that can showcase a person’s tastes.

With the number of different bottle openers, there is, it is unlikely that you will meet someone with the same bottle opener as yours.

A Unique Cushion

A cushion can become the perfect moving gift if you choose the right one. Fluffy, smooth, large, small, round, square, there are infinite options for all tastes and types of homes.

People can place them on a bed, a chair or a sofa, and, best of all, a beautiful design will always give a nice touch to any room.

A Photo Frame

A lovely photo frame with a memorable photo inside will give your walls a personal touch. An elegant photo frame is something that will never be too much for any home.

A Home Improvement Gift Card

A gift card gives a person the possibility to buy any item they consider necessary for their home. It is a functional and practical gift.

There you have it, 12 unique house-warming gifts. Surely some of them will fit perfectly with the tastes and interests of the person you are thinking about.

However, do not forget that in the end, it is not the gift that matters, but the intention behind it.

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