20 Tasks you can Outsource to a General Virtual Assistant


Outsourcing talent is the key to unlocking your business’ performance and your time. So often, we get buried in menial tasks, admin traps and time-consuming jobs that we neglect to actually run our businesses. Outsourcing puts a stop to that, for good. You’ll find that all of a sudden, you have time to think, lead, train and grow your company in a way that you were never free to do before! The key? A general virtual assistant. Now, virtual assistants come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You’ll encounter specialised, categorised and general assistants that really can help you with any number of tasks. The most multifunctional option is absolutely a general virtual assistant. If you’re tempted to open up your schedule, increase your productivity and get your company growing, here’s just a few examples of tasks that your virtual assistant can help you out with to swing your vote:

  1. Email correspondence

Reading and replying to emails can really eat into your day, so why not let someone else lighten the load? A general virtual assistant can monitor and respond to the bulk of your emails whilst you do the work you love.

  1. Booking appointments

Your thriving business leaves need for appointments that are both personal and professional, your GVA can help you by booking and managing your future appointments!  

  1. Taking phone calls 

Another huge part of running a business is talking to your clients, team and connections, and this can completely overtake your day all too quickly. Put a stop to this with a general virtual assistant. They can take messages, pass you through or deal with low-level issues at hand.

  1. Booking transport, hotel rooms and taxis 

With the stress of travelling come the fuss of bookings – say goodbye to the task with a virtual assistant!

  1. Database building 

Your GVA can build a database, conduct surveys, compile research and do data entry, all of which working to enhance your understanding of your business performance, and your audience.

  1. Calendar management 

Between meetings, appointments, scheduled calls and team training, your diary can get a little muddled. A general assistant can maintain a clean, clear schedule that can follow and keep up with easily!

  1. Team communication 

A general virtual assistant can help to keep your team’s morale high with weekly recaps, memos and fun facts circulated around everyone’s email. A happy office isae key to increasing productivity.

  1. Research for guest posts 

When creating guest posts, blog posts or content for a web page, you shouldn’t go in blind. A virtual assistant can put research and strategy into your guest posts to ensure that they perform at the very best rate possible.

  1. Autoresponder set up 

Something as simple as MailChimp can boost your business big time! A general assistant will help you to set up your account and keep things running smoothly.

  1. Transcription 

A GVA is perfect for transcribing client calls, meetings or other important conversations.

  1. Meeting minutes 

Similar to transcription, your GVA will certainly be able to keep up with taking the minutes in all your meetings – don’t let any valuable information slip away!

  1. Running personal errands 

Yes, your general assistant will be virtual, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t help you out with a few online errands! Ask your GVA to do your online gift, food or essentials shopping or task them with scheduling your next personal appointment.

  1. Reporting 

Compiling reports is essential to understand how your business is performing, and it’s a great tool to show clients too. Your general virtual assistant can quickly put together your reporting, saving you precious time in the long run.

  1. Presentation building 

When you’re preparing for a big showcase, you want to focus on what you’re going to say and how to connect with the room, not on your slides. Give the task to your GVA!

  1. Recruitment research 

Don’t go into interviews blind! Your GVA can give you some great candidate insight.

  1. Copywriting 

For short copywriting tasks that you want to be done quickly, look to your general virtual assistant.

  1. Manage social media accounts

Your social media needs proper upkeep, if you have one or two profiles then this job can certainly go to your GVA.

  1. Monitor audience engagement 

Social media isn’t all about likes, it’s about understanding your audience! Your virtual assistant can give you an understanding of your demographic.

  1. Reply to comments on social media platforms and blogs 

Engaging with your audience is important, and this includes having conversations in the comments section. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming with a GVA!

  1. Writing in discussion forums for research or page promotion 

Your assistant can delve a little deeper to research sentiment or promote your pages.
These are just a handful of reasons to hire virtual assistants for your business

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