20 Ways to Promote Your Book Yourself


Congratulations! You have finished writing your novel and are ready to start promoting and getting your book into the hands of your readers! But just how do you go about promoting your book, and letting your audience know that it is done, and they should read it? Should you talk about it on a public book forum? Hire a marketing firm? Below we’ve compiled a list of 20 different ways in which you can promote your book!

  1. Tweet about your book and use trending hashtags to increase exposure.
  2. Write a press release and distribute to PR Newswire. This not only gets your book and information about there, it also is a great way to create a backlink to your website!
  3. Create a Facebook post on your Facebook Author/Business page, and pin your post to the top.
  4. Send out an email to your email list. Include reasons or incentives to purchase your novel!
  5. Include a link to your book in your email signature.
  6. Write an in-depth blog post discussing a topic that is covered in your novel, and reference the link to where people can purchase your book at the end of the blog post.
  7. Promote your book in an online book forum, like the one found on Chat eBooks.
  8. Ask your readers to leave a review of your book online. The more reviews you have, the more exposure you’ll receive!
  9. Make a book trailer.
  10. Comment on various threads on Facebook groups or other people’s threads, building your reputation as an expert and providing you with the opportunity to talk about your new book.
  11. Get your book translated into another widely spoken language, such as Spanish or German to increase your audience reach.
  12. Create an online community where your readers can connect, share ideas, and discuss your book.
  13. If you have a WordPress blog or website, use the “Ad Rotator” plugin to rotate your book to the sidebar of your page.
  14. Get as many video reviews/testimonials from your readers as you can. Post these reviews to your author YouTube Channel and your author Facebook page. Be sure to include the link where others can purchase your book.
  15. Start your own podcast where you can discuss your book, the writing process, or anything else related to your novel. An even better way to promote your book, is to appear as a guest on someone else’s podcast and discuss your book there!
  16. Create a bunch of quality books that you can easily sell for $0.99 as teasers. People are more likely to spend $0.99 on a book, and once you have them hooked, they’ll be back to purchase more for a higher asking price.
  17. Run a Facebook ad, be sure that your ad is closely themed around a time or event that correlates with the content of your book.
  18. Create some fun, somewhat silly videos that can easily be shared online to promote your book.
  19. Run a big charity event in which some or all of your profits during a specified time are donated to a charity of your choice. While you won’t make a lot of money doing this, you will get exposure which is what you want!
  20. Include something inside your book that entices people to sign up to be on your email list. You’ll then have a list of readers that you can promote your next novel too!

You don’t have to be an expert in marketing to get your book promoted, try all or some of these ideas and see how easy it is to promote your book yourself!

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