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BlockuDoku – Now Available For Free Through The App Store And Google Play

Are you looking for a new FREE game to get addicted to? Easybrain is known for making high-quality block games that are sure to help you pass the time in a relaxing yet challenging way. Download BlockuDoku and see why over 93,000 people have given it five-stars!

About Easybrain

The concept is in the name. Easybrain is a fairly new and small group offering top-notch apps for Android and Apple devices. They mostly create addictive brain-teaser games that are fun and worthwhile.

Since 2016, they have grown to include a team of 170 people with well-over 400,000,000 app downloads. They can thank their unique creativity for their fast success as an app developer firm. They knew that block games are here to stay, along with puzzle and brain-training apps. Somehow, they have successfully combined the challenge of sudoku with a zen feel of a block puzzle game.

Other games created by Easybrain include:

  • Pixel Art: Color By Number
  • Groovepad – Sound Synthesizer
  • Drum Pad Machine – Percussion Sound Synthesizer
  • Sudoku
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Word Search
  • Regular Color By Number


For addictive, challenging and fun ways to pass the time, check out Easybrain today! They create apps for both Android and Apple devices.  Not to mention, their apps are free!

More About BlockuDoku

The main goal of the game is to match together block shapes to create either a full vertical or horizontal line or a cube to be able to remove them from the board. You don’t want to fill the whole board up, or it’s game over! Give yourself more of a challenge by maximizing your points. Go for combos, destroying multiple lines or cubes with just one move, or try for streaks, destroying lines and cubes in a row. People enjoy beating their own high scores or competing against friends. The app also offers daily challenges to keep things interesting. You can choose between a modern minimalist look or a class woodblock style. Find your zen your way!


Download BlockuDoku for free today either with your Android or your Apple device. Remove ads by paying the small fee of $4.99 and own the game for life. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down! At least, that’s according to the over 93,000 five-star reviews this app has received since launching. Across both platforms, the majority of users are in love with BlockuDoku!

How To Be A BlockuDoku Master

Try to find a balance between totally destroying all the blocks and biding your time to create the most combos and streaks. Slash your highest score and then go for more! Download this app for free today and start challenging your mind right away! There are lots of benefits to having a brain-teaser app on your phone to pass the time. See how sharp your mind can be and continue to flex your skills. Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score!


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