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3 Benefits of Using A Grease Trap in Your Restaurant


When it comes down to it, a grease trap isn’t the most attractive part of any restaurant’s kitchen, but restaurant owners will tell you that this same object is extremely important when it comes to preserving the plumbing system. So even though it’s generally kept out of sight – perhaps underground outside or under the sinks – it needs to be maintained properly. Otherwise, the restaurant owner will be dealing with at least one major problem.

Grease traps are also known as grease recovery devices, grease converters, or grease interceptors. As these names imply, grease traps are responsible for intercepting most grease and solid waste before they can get into the water waste disposal system. A small amount of oil is fine and won’t cause much of a problem. But when food preparation leads to a lot of grease, not only could there be blockage, but the treatment facilities could become overwhelmed. Therefore, reckless disposal can lead to expensive service fees from those blocked drains Melbourne professionals.

Given that, if you have your own restaurant, what benefits will you see from having a grease trap installed?

Stops Fats, Oils, and Grease

As mentioned earlier, a grease trap keeps fats, oils and grease from getting into a community’s shared drainage system. Throughout a normal work day, other substances could be poured down the sink’s drain, but they won’t be a problem in the main sewage line. Fats, oils, and grease – or FOG – on the other hand, will collect and grow, leading to big clogs called “fatbergs” under communities, and these can cause major plumbing problems.

So if all the restaurants in the community have working grease traps, the FOG will be collected before they can enter the main sewage line, thus preventing fatbergs from forming in the first place.

Helps Save Money

A grease trap can give a restaurant an economic advantage because their sewage system will call for less maintenance and fewer repairs – some of which are bound to be expensive. As long as the grease trap is serviced properly, it will help you keep from having to close the restaurant temporarily because of problems caused by, say, blockages in the plumbing system or odours coming from the same.

Helps the Environment

FOG isn’t just dangerous because of what it can do to plumbing and sewage systems. The truth is, it can damage the environment, too, if allowed to get into the water.

If FOG gets into rivers and streams, those waterways will become contaminated so the water won’t be drinkable. FOG can also be a hazard for animals living in and along the waterways. These substances could eventually find their way into catchment areas, keeping the water there from being used for anything.

So with a working, well-maintained grease trap, your restaurant can do its part to help keep FOG from getting into the environment – and that is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of all.

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