Everyone likes having a clean house, but not everyone likes housecleaning. There is a built-in irony to this concept, but it doesn’t change some things about practical reality. You have to have good products around your house so that when you do clean, the job happens efficiently and effectively.

Three types of products come to mind right away. You need to have pest control products up around. It’s good to have a selection of natural cleaners to work with. It’s important to keep stain removers around your house, especially if you have pets or children. And in addition to just having those three products, you need to know how to stock and store them safely and securely.

Pest-Control Products


Having pests around your home is a pesky problem. That’s why you should always keep pest control products handy. And how common specific bugs and critters are will depend on where you live. Some people have trouble with moths. Other people have a problem with mice or rats. Still others may have to try and figure out some way to keep ants or earwigs out of their homes. Each potential problem has a potential solution. It’s up to you to experiment to find out which ones work best.

Natural Cleaners


For most general cleaning, you can get away with making and using natural cleaners. Keep white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and natural detergents around, and some combination of them will handle most of your cleaning needs. Harsh chemicals that you can buy in stores will also get the job done, but there is a greater chance of harming surfaces or potentially even negatively affecting pets or small children. Natural is the way to go unless you don’t have any option but to go harsher.

Stain Removers


If you have pets or children, you know that stains happen. Because of this, you should always have a standby stain remover available at your home. What you don’t want to happen is for someone to spill orange juice somewhere or a pet to have an accident, and then you have to run to the store to get a cleaner while the stain is settling in.

Stocking and Storing


After you’ve collected all the necessary cleaning products that you need for daily occurrences in your home, you do have to pay attention to how you stock and store them. Most people default on putting cleaners underneath the kitchen sink, but this isn’t always a great idea. Sometimes the fumes can gather together and give people headaches. And pets and small children tend to look in cupboards if they aren’t securely locked. Ideally, you want to keep any sort of chemical cleaners that are unsafe at all outside or high up.