3 Innovative Telugu Films


There are loads of amazing Telugu movies starred by great actors and actresses out there. If you are looking for some good flicks to watch with your family or friends on the upcoming weekend, you’ll surely find a bunch. However, you wouldn’t want to go over hundreds of them just to pick the ones that are worth checking out. Choosing movies to watch shouldn’t be a tedious task!

Just like any other movie, Telugu films are categorized based on genre. Identify the genre that you are interested in, so you can easily shorten your movie list. If you are sick and tired of the same plot lines used in most action, comedy, fiction, musical, and romantic films, why don’t you check out some of the most innovative Telugu movies to date.

Don’t worry, we already did the homework for you. In this article, we listed three of the most innovative Telugu films that caught the attention of millions of moviegoers and multiple award-giving bodies. These movies, which are under different genres, are considered innovative because their storylines are unique, making them seem more interesting and intriguing. Be ready to be amazed and hooked because these Telugu movies will surely make your time worthwhile.


Released in 2009, fantasy action film Magadheera’s story revolves around four main characters: a great warrior, a princess who’s in love with the warrior, an emperor who wants to rule the kingdom, and an army commander-in-chief who lusts after the princess. What makes it interesting is that all four main characters died and the brave warrior reincarnated after 400 years. Since then, he started having flashbacks upon every chance encounter. Magadheera is the movie Telugu movie to be released in Blu-ray. It won several major awards including National Award for Best Choreography and Best Special Effects at the 57th National Film Awards. It also won ten CineMAA Awards, nine Nandi Awards, and six Filmfare Awards.


Released in 2003, Aithe is a thriller film that deals with hijacking and underworld criminal connections. If you are into movies that feature Mafia-related activities, you will love this one. In the same year of its release, Aithe won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. Actor PavanMalhotra won a couple of awards for his villain role in this film, such as the Nandi Special Jury Award and Filmfare Best Villain Award (Telugu). Because of its success, Aithe had remakes in different languages: Naam (Tamil) which was released in 2003 and Wanted (Malayalam) which was released in 2004.

Anukokunda Oka Roju:

Released in 2005, mystery thriller film Anukokunda Oka Roju was a critical success. It is known as the best suspense thriller Telugu film of all time. The plot revolves around three main characters: a chorus singer who is also the heroine and the two men who will help her find the missing links in the case. The story starts when the heroine attended a party and had no idea what happened the next day. The two men will help her find out the reason why unidentified men wanted to kill her and what actually happened on that missing day. She will eventually fall in love with one of the leading men. The film took home the Second Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay Writer titles at Nandi Awards. Indian singer Smita won Best Female Playback at Filmfare Awards for singing one of the film’s soundtracks and lead actress CharmmeKaur won Best Actress at Santosham Film Awards.

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