We seldom stop to appreciate just how large a role water plays in our daily lives. From grooming to cleaning to cooking, water factors into nearly every essential task we perform. It’s important to note, however, that not all water is equal in quality. For example, if your home has hard water, you’re liable to encounter problems while bathing, cleaning dishware and preparing meals. While many people simply resign themselves to hard water, this issue is much easier to remedy than you may think. You can get soft water in your shower using a simple Water Softener Shower Head. So if you’re currently on the fence about investing in a water softener, consider the following perks.

1. Prolonged Appliance Life

Investing in a reliable water softener can prove invaluable in prolonging the lives of certain appliances. When many of us consider things that can harm our appliances, hard water generally isn’t something that comes to mind. However, hard water can cause scale buildup in washing machines, dishwashers, icemakers and water heaters, thereby decreasing their efficiency and shortening their lives. Since none of these appliances represent a small investment, it’s in the best interest of every cost-conscious consumer to make them last as long as possible. That being the case, anyone who appreciates getting the most for their money should learn more about water softeners.

2. Reduction in Plumbing Issues

As any seasoned homeowner can attest, plumbing problems can be both costly and stress-inducing. While there’s no end-all solution for household plumbing issues, a good water softener can help save you a small fortune on plumber visits. The minerals found in hard water have a tendency to stick to piping, eventually leading to scale buildup and clogging. The harder your water, the more damage is being done to your pipes. On the flipside, a water softener can effectively prevent scale buildup and help preserve your home’s piping for many years to come.

3. Healthier Hair and Skin

In addition to prolonging appliance life and preventing plumbing mishaps, water softeners can be a boon to your hair and skin. For example, because of the many minerals it contains, hard water is terrible for bathing. In stripping skin of its natural oils, hard water dries it out, giving way to itchiness and irritation. Furthermore, hard water often leaves hair feeling dry and frizzy and throws its pH level off balance. To make matters worse, if hard water causes scale buildup in your pipes, water pressure is likely to weaken, which can exponentially increase the amount of time it takes to rinse off.

Since clean running water is common in the U.S., it’s easy to take this luxury for granted. Many of us have grown so accustomed to a seemingly unlimited water supply that we rarely take the time to consider how different our lives would be in the absence of it. However, this isn’t to say that there isn’t room for improvement – particularly in homes with hard water. Anyone who’s tired of dealing with hard water and the various problems it causes would be wise to invest in a dependable water softener.