3 New Ways Students Are Being Taught In 2018


Each year schools, colleges and universities introduce new teaching methods and techniques which they believe will revolutionise the way in which students learn. Here are just a few of the latest ways that students are being taught in 2018:

With so many people now working in what is known as the ‘gig economy’ students need to be prepared for this when they enter the world of work. Project based learning is a technique which is being introduced to help students develop the skills that are required for today’s workplace. These skills include flexibility, the capacity to ask the right questions and to manage both people and projects. Teachers play a crucial role in this approach because rather than being teachers or lecturers they become coaches and collaborators. Applying a PBL teaching strategy will allow students to tackle and succeed in complex and challenging projects. This type of teaching can reduce the stress of assignments, particularly when you have correct essay support from an expert mentor.

  • Spaced Learning

Spaced learning is another technique that is being used to facilitate teaching and learning at university. In a lesson using this approach, the teacher will deliver a condensed amount of information to students, but this is repeated three times, with 10 minute breaks in between. In the breaks the students are given some activity to complete which serves as a distraction. It is believed that this type of learning facilitates information retention and improves long term memory which is important for tasks such as exams or writing assignments.

  • Uncertain Rewards

Providing students with uncertain rewards such as points for doing well on a project have shown that it increases engagement, particularly when the prize is unknown. Answering questions is an important part of learning, but students should be encouraged to do so as part of a game. Students will apply a combination of luck and learning to win a prize which boosts motivation levels for students and increases engagement.

New learning techniques allow students to grasp complex information, synthesise what they have learned more effectively and understand their courses much better. Sometimes, these techniques can be used in combination with a professional dissertation writing service to really give students the added boost of confidence in their subject area and confidence in assignment writing.

Learning experiences at university are constantly evolving and as universities become more aware of how students learn, techniques and strategies can be introduced to refine learning, boost knowledge retention and increase the success rates of university students across all subject areas.

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