Ever since people discovered that planting provides relaxation and satisfaction, the demand for various pots and planters in the market has rapidly increased. If you are one of those people who started pot gardening as a hobby, you will find that many stores sell a wide variety of pots and planters. You’ll be stuck choosing the best for your plants and in that case, consider these before you purchase them.

If you are having a hard time breaking down your options while purchasing your pots, you might want to read along and consider the things listed below to help you with the dilemma.

1. Material

Pots and planters are made with different materials like plastic, clay, and ceramic. You should know that each material has its winning and losing sides. For example, clay pots are ideal for succulents and way cheaper than a ceramic pot. It also dries immediately than any other type of pot. Meanwhile, plastic pots are the cheapest among the three, easy to clean, reusable, and lighter than those ceramic ones. However, plastic becomes brittle when exposed to sunlight, which means that they are ideal for indoor use. Lastly, ceramic pots are best to use if you have tropical plants as they can keep the soil moist. Likewise, it can hold heavy and long plants, thanks to their weight and hardness.

Before you purchase, it is essential to know about each material and their use. Make sure that the material you plan to buy will serve the needs of your plants.

2. Size

Size is one of the crucial and essential considerations that you should take note of. You need to consider the size of the plant and make sure that it will match the pot’s size.

Pots that are too large for your plant can lead to nutrient burn. Nutrient burn happens when the soil is holding in too much water and nutrients making it hard for the plant to absorb and eventually malnourished. You might not want to leave your plant sitting on a large pot with too much water.

Small pots can also leave your plants damaged. If your pot isn’t large enough for your plant, it will ruin the roots as there is not enough space and soil to hold and grow.

3. Design

Although the design might come last in the list, it is also essential if you want your potted plant to blend in with your office or home’s style. There are a variety of designs available, ranging from minimalist to colourful ones. You have the freedom to choose what pot design you want to take; just make sure that the colour combinations will look great in your room or your outdoor space.

Where to Buy It?

Pots and planters are widely available in physical garden stores, but if you do not have time to go by yourself, there are online shops that offer the same quality products. Look for an online store with a product catalogue to see and choose the one you need. It would be better to ask the store about their pots and tell them the specific type you are looking for. Regardless if it is a physical or an online store, do not forget to consider the three essential factors mentioned above before purchasing.