3 Things You Need to Know about Booking a Hotel


So you need to look for a hotel. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the hotel you choose can make or break your trip, so you need to make sure you make the right decision. But how does one go about selecting accommodations for their trip? Even small cities have dozens of options to choose from, and individually checking each one can feel like a massive waste of time.

Choices are good for everyone. But an overabundance of options can make it more difficult for travelers to make a decision. There are so many hotel types to choose from, from intimate bed & breakfasts and fishing lodges to towering business hotels and 5-star establishments. And there are countless factors you have to consider as well.

We’ve written a few pointers to help you narrow down your search for a hotel. These things will help you find the right hotel for your needs.

  1. Know what you want

You’ll find it more challenging to choose a hotel if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Before starting your search, list down all your non-negotiables for your stay. Do you want a breakfast buffet? Are you looking for a quaint bed and breakfast where the people know you by name? Or do you prefer something more luxurious by the lake or beach?

To simplify your search, consider three primary factors: price, location, and service. Once you’ve established your fundamentals, you can then look at other factors such as brand, ambiance, and niche amenities.

  1. Make sure the hotel has the basics

You don’t want to arrive at the hotel only to find out that they’re missing one or more of the basics. And by basics, I mean breakfast service, air-conditioning, parking, and an Internet connection. Make it a point to check if these services are complimentary or available at extra cost. For instance, some hotels may offer free Wi-Fi but no breakfast.

  1. Check Google Maps

If accessibility is important to you, then make sure to double-check your itinerary in relation to the location of your hotel. Some hotels tend to get a bit creative with the description of their location. They can say things like “Near the airport,” and people assume that it’s only 10 to 15 minutes away, only to realize that a trip to the hotel from the airport takes at least an hour on a good day.

Use Google Maps to explore the vicinity of the hotel. You can check out attractions, restaurants, and other points of interest nearby. You can also start mapping out your trip even before you arrive at your destination.

In the end, remember that the right hotel can make your trip more comfortable and memorable, so it pays to do your research. These pointers will help you select a hotel that will fulfill your needs throughout your stay. Whether it’s for an overnight business trip or a week-long vacation, you deserve to stay and relax in a comfortable and clean room that ticks all the boxes.


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