When considering switching your leaning management software there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before making the switch. These three questions will give your points to think about when considering all your options before making the switch.

1. Why do you want to switch?

When working with an existing system, overtime problems are discovered or shortcomings may arise.  Often, you can work through these issues, find solutions, or alter your process to ensure that they system is still working for you. Sometimes finding a solution just isn’t worth the aggravation. Finding a new software system that will work for you, and not against you can be very beneficial in the long run.

2. How would you switch your data over?

If you are considering switching your learning software, you more than likely already have data in your current system that you either need to switch over to the new system or extract the information and save it before the change happens. While this might seem like a straightforward process, often times different software programs aren’t compatible with each other. Ask a representative of your new software program if they provide tutorials or assistance in switching or inputting your information.

It is important to set up a time frame for when you want the system to switch over to a new program and be realistic for what needs to get done for you to be able to complete the switch.  Setting up a strong transitional team and working with the setup team of your new system will prove to be valuable as you utilize their expertise and assistance throughout the process. Using the resources, you have available to you will make the switch as streamlined as possible.

3. Where should you start your search?

It’s easy to decide what you need, but often more difficult to find a program that has all the features that you are looking for.  The best research tool is right at your fingertips, the internet. Search for learning management software programs, ask around, read reviews, and ask for demos with software programs that you are considering. Doing your research before committing to a new software could save you a lot of headaches and grief later.

Make sure that your software is solving a problem for you, not creating one. CourseForce is just one of many learning management software companies out there, but we have set ourselves apart with our dedication, customer services, and flexibility in finding you the software solution that works for you. Learning management solutions have never been easier than with CourseForce!