3 Tips For Improving Your Bone Health


When it comes to your body, there are tons of areas that you can focus on for improvement of your health. Depending on what issues you struggle with or what areas of your body need some help, you might be working on having a healthier diet, building muscle, regulating your hormones and others. One area that many people don’t think about until it’s too late is their bone health. So to help ensure that you don’t wind up only pondering how to strengthen your bones once you’ve already developed problems with them, here are three tips for improving your bone health starting right now.

Get Your Vegetable Servings In

Vegetables contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function correctly. These vitamins and minerals can help all different parts of your body, including to strengthen your bones. But there are some vegetables that are more helpful than others. According to Franziska Spritzler, a contributor to, green and yellow vegetables have been seen to increase bone mineralization while onions have been seen to reduce your likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Additionally, another study found that women who ate nine or more servings of vegetables that were high in certain antioxidants—like parsley, cabbage, and broccoli—had healthier bones as well.

Don’t Underestimate Physical Activity

While you might think that working your body too hard would be putting undue stress on your bones, studies have actually found the opposite to be true. According to The Mayo Clinic, people who aren’t very active are at higher risk for developing problems with their bones like osteoporosis. If you’re more active, you’re more likely to have healthier, stronger bones. So not only can being physically active help you to have stronger muscles, healthier organs, and keep off weight, but it can also help you fight off bone degeneration.

Stop Some Of Your Bad Habits

Certain habits you might have could also contribute to you having current or future issues with bone loss or weakening of your bones. According to Lisa Lavalle Overmyer, a contributor to, some habit-forming substances can also wreak havoc on your ability to have strong bones. Caffeine and smoking can make it harder for your body to absorb calcium, the all-important mineral that helps with healthy bones. Also, if you’re a heavy drinker, you can even have bone loss from exposing yourself to too much alcohol. So before you buy your next fix of caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol, consider what you could be doing to your bone health.

If you’re worried about the health of your bones, or if you just want to avoid having problems with your bones in the future, consider implementing some of the advice mentioned above to help improve your bone health starting today.

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