3 Tips For Preparing For The Worst When Figuring Out Travel Plans



There are some people who look forward to a holiday more than others. Making travel plans stands right at the top of the list for many families and individuals. Right from planning about the destination, to chalking out the various activities, travel planning needs a lot of patience, expertise and interest.

In recent years, the internet has exploded with a host of online travel companies catering to millions of individuals all over the world. However, travelling should not only be about planning the exciting moments, it should also take into consideration the not-so-ideal ones. Even though no one wants to talk about being safe during holidays, there are thousands of people every year, who suffer because of certain unforeseen problems.

In this article, we look at some of those problems, and help you prepare for them to the best of our abilities. This will help keep your family and you safe in the event of such eventualities.

When you’re preparing to take a trip, you might find yourself focusing all your time and energy on planning how idyllic and magical the entire experience will be. And while there will likely be moments like this on your trip, you should also take off your rose-coloured glasses and try to prepare for some less than ideal moments as well.

While no one wants to think about something bad happening to them while on vacation, the facts of life are that you’re bound to run into some kind of issue at one point or another during your travels. So to help ensure that this mishap doesn’t ruin your entire trip, here are three tips for preparing for the worst when figuring out your travel plans.


  • Getting Sick Or Hurt On Your Trip


Just because you’ve been planning your trip for months doesn’t mean that your body is going to treat you any differently while you’re on vacation. Beatrice Bernard-Poulin, a contributor to MSN, shares that there’s still always a chance that you could get sick or hurt when you’re traveling. In fact, if you’re being less careful with things like safe driving practices or taking care of your body, you could increase the chances of getting sick or hurt while you travel.

So to make sure you’re able to address these issues if and when they happen, check with your health insurance providers about coverage where you’ll be staying. If you don’t have any, consider getting travelers insurance. And to help you fix any minor problems, make sure you pack some basic medication and first aid with you at all times.

Being safe and protected physically on a trip can give you a peace of mind. This is the last thing that you would want to experience during your holidays. Insuring your travel in a different country is essential when you are travelling.


  • Having Your Wallet or Phone Lost Or Stolen


According to Megan Elliott, a contributor to, one of the worst things that can happen to you while you’re traveling is to lose your phone or wallet. Whether you’ve just misplaced them or have had them stolen from you, if you no longer have access to these items, you can find yourself in some serious trouble.

To combat this issue, you should make sure you always lock your phone so that no one but you can access it. Additionally, try to keep some of your money or credit cards separately so that if you lose some of them, you don’t end up losing everything you’ve brought with you.

Tourists are a favourite target of pickpockets and anti-social elements all over the world. It is wise to avoid travelling with higher denominations of cash on you or any member of your travelling group. It is also advisable that you do not flash fancy camera equipment or cell phones in heavily crowded public places.

By keeping a low profile, you can ensure that your key essentials do not become a target of pickpockets.


  • Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time


In some situations, you might find yourself simply in the wrong place at the wrong time while you travel. You might get in a car accident that’s not your fault or get caught in civil unrest. In circumstances such as these, shares that the best thing you can do is to have registered with your local embassy and educated yourself about how to stay safe.

Whenever you are travelling abroad, keeping your Embassy informed about your travel plans is the smartest thing to do. More than the government of the host country, it is your country’s embassy, which will come to your immediate help. You can also take their help in finding about some key details about the country you are travelling to. Most embassies offer travelling tips and advisories to their citizens.

As they are more aware about the social, economic, cultural and political situations of the country, it is best to take their lead while travelling.


Either travelling can, be the best or the worst experience of your life. As human beings, we often keep concentrate on the good aspects of travelling. This is basic human nature. However, if we want to keep ourselves truly safe from the perils of travelling, we need to be cautious.

By following the above three tips, you can be rest assured that your travel plans will be successful. You will not only be able to enjoy the destination, but also be at peace. More than yourself, your family needs to be kept safe at all times.

To help you be prepared for anything during your travels, consider using the tips mentioned above to create a plan for the worst-case scenario before you leave home. Trust us; nothing can leave a more bitter experience than problems during holidays and vacations.

If you wish to contribute more points to our top three suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments section below.


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