3 Vital Questions That Help You Pick The Best Personal Injury Attorney


Oakland is the biggest city in the East Bay Region of San Francisco. This town is well developed with museums, restaurants, theaters, and many shops. It is a bustling port city packed with residents and tourists. Because it is densely populated, accidents may inevitably happen, from a simple biking accident to a catastrophic car crash. If you find yourself suffering injuries and lost wages as a result of an accident, you must seek representation from a personal injury attorney oakland. Finding help from the right firm will help you get just compensation for all your sufferings.

Remember, an expert personal injury attorney who is well-versed with the letters of the law can make a big difference in helping you receive a big settlement. Apart from missing work, you experience severe mental anguish from the pain of your physical injuries. After all, it takes time to recover and heal to get you back on your feet. Sadly, this results in mounting medical bills that you have no means to pay because you cannot work. With so many law firms in town, finding the best representation can be a tad overwhelming. But finding the best ally to protect your interests is paramount. Thus, you must vet your prospective personal injury lawyer by asking these three questions.

1. What are your educational background and specific experience?

When choosing a representative, you need to feel that you can trust the person. Knowing the attorney’s educational background and work experience will increase your trust in him and make you feel confident about his skills. Check the following:

  • When the law degree was completed
  • Number of years practicing in personal injury and accidents
  • Types and number of cases handled
  • Courts where the cases were handled

Remember, credentials matter when vetting the best lawyer. Moreover, years in this niche speak a lot about the depth of experience. On top of that, don’t forget to corroborate everything by doing a little online research. Check if the firm has a reputable web page that establishes authority and reviews from past and existing clients, which serve as an excellent gauge.

2. Does your law practice focus entirely on personal injury?

When you look around Oakland, you will find many law firms. However, keep in mind that there are various specializations in the legal profession. Some are well-versed in criminal defense, property cases, family matters, commercial law, etc. An experienced Oakland personal injury attorney will only focus on cases that involve accidents, including dealing with tricky insurance companies that want to lowball you. When you pick a firm that practices entirely on personal injury, you increase your chances of getting better compensation and finding the justice you deserve. Getting the highest possible fees for the damages you’ve suffered is only possible when you have the right people in your corner.

3. Will you be the same person appearing with me in court?

Sometimes, working with a big law firm means you inevitably meet a lot of people. The initial person who interviews you during your first consultation may not be the same person who accompanies you to the courthouse. Unfortunately, this may feel unnerving because you don’t feel comfortable with the unfamiliar lawyer. The feeling compounds as being in the court itself is highly stressful. Thus, you must ask your prospective lawyer, who is the exact person in charge of your case. After all, you want someone familiar on your side advocating for your rights from the beginning till the end.

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