Before you know it, summer is going to be in full swing. For many people, while this means getting to be out in the sun and spending more time with friends and family, it also means having to find a way to stay cool when the temperatures and humidity start to rise.

If this is something that you’re concerned about this summer, here are three ways that you can maximize your use of your air conditioner this summer without wasting a lot of money and energy. 

Keep Things Clean

To keep your air conditioner running as well as it possibly can, you’ve got to keep it as clean as you possibly can.

When your air conditioner is allowed to get bogged down with dirt, dust, and other debris, it won’t be able to work as efficiently as it otherwise could. To combat this, Zander Buel, a contributor to The Refrigeration School, shares that you need to regularly replace the air filter in your air conditioner. Additionally, you should also give the exterior of your air conditioning unit a good cleaning each spring to prepare it for the summer and make sure nothing has damaged or broken these parts of your unit while you weren’t using it in the fall, winter, and spring. 

Try Not To Have Your A/C Work Too Hard

Another thing you should keep in mind if you’re trying to maximize your air conditioner is to try not to make it work too hard.

To do this, suggests that you try to set your thermostat as high as you are comfortably able to. The closer your indoor temperature is to the outdoor temperature, the easier it will be for your air conditioner to maintain that temperature. Otherwise, you could find that your air conditioner is kicking on all the time or, worse case scenario, is running almost non-stop throughout the day. 

Seal Your Home Correctly

For all of the air that you’re paying to have cooled within your home, you’re going to want to do everything in your power to ensure that that air is trapped in your house and can’t easily be exchanged for the hot air outside. By doing this, you’ll also be allowing your air conditioner to run more efficiently. So if you notice things like cracks where light can come into your house or little holes here and there, Alina Bradford, a contributor to, recommends that you seal them up as best as you’re able to. 

If you’re trying to get yourself and your home ready for summer, consider using the tips mentioned above as you seek to make your air conditioner work as efficiently as possibly in the coming warm months.