4 Common Causes of Child Injury


Every kid falls, gets hurt and experiences minor bruises and scratches while playing or running. This is all a part of growing up and children should never be stopped to go out just because of the fear of injuries. However, carelessness can be a cause of several serious injuries.

Causes of Child Injury

Here are the common injuries and how to prevent them:

Injuries Due to Motor Accidents

This is the most common cause of injury in the US as per records. Motor vehicle-related injuries mainly occur while the children are on their way to school or getting back home from sports clubs and playdates. This is a common cause of carelessness and children cannot be blamed for being carefree.

The best way to prevent such injuries is to keep an eye on them when they are moving on foot and also the use of proper seat belts while in a car. Fastening seat belts is a must and mainly for toddlers and infants. The back seat of the car is safer than the front one if your child is small. Make sure you have an extra car seat if you have a toddler on board because a normal seat belt will be loose for a baby.

Injuries Due to Suffocation

It is a nightmare when an incident of suffocation occurs with children. It is very important to check what is lying around when a child is asleep and also when he is playing around. Make sure you do not fill the baby’s crib with a lot of toys, pillows or baby bumpers. The best way to put a child to sleep is by laying a tight mattress in the crib and putting a single blanket to cover the baby.

When the child grows a little older make sure that he does not run around with food in the mouth. There is always some danger of getting choked. Also, balloons are very hazardous as they can get stuck in the food pipe if swallowed. This can cause a valve to get blocked and in turn prevent breathing.

Injuries Due to Water

Children love to spend time in the pool and while they do that, you can also spend some time reading and relaxing. However, it is very important to know that drowning in even 2-inches deep water is a common accident that can occur. You can read about the causes and resolutions of such incidents under toxic torts and environmental law.

Make sure there is a proper latch and also fencing done if you have a pool at home. In other cases, make sure you are at an arm’s length of the child when he is playing in the pool. Taking safety precautions is always the best idea.

Injuries Due to Poisoning

Once a baby arrives in the house, you should make sure that the whole house is made child-proof. A major initiative should be of removing any kind of medicine or chemicals from the reach of children. Some medicines taste sweet and children may get attracted to such bottles. Also, overconsumption of candies or child food can be hazardous to a child’s health. Keep away other hazardous stuff such as dishwashing liquid, detergent, body soaps, cremes, and lotions.

There can be many other causes of child injury but these are the most common ones as per everyday records and experience.


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