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4 Important Packaging Supplies You Shouldn’t Overlook


Using the right packaging supplies such as stretch film, tape dispensers and the right-sized cartons when sending items is not only crucial for ensuring goods are adequately protected during transit, but also shows the receiver that you truly value their business. This article will go over four important packaging supplies you shouldn’t overlook.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is an essential packaging supply when it comes to securing and protecting things such as large pallets and awkwardly shaped items. The two most common types of stretch film are hand stretch film and machine stretch film. As the name implies, hand stretch film is a type of plastic film applied by hand that clings to the surface of a load, securing it in place whilst also providing it with protection. Machine stretch film is essentially the same product except it can be fed into specialised machinery in order to dramatically cut down packaging time, making it a less labour intensive process overall. 

Adhesive Tape & Tape Dispensers

Adhesive tape and tape dispensers are not only a crucial supply in any packaging process, but are also a necessity when it comes to moving and relocating. Good quality tapes will ensure that your boxes and cartons don’t break open during transit, spilling items packed inside and possibly leading to damaged goods.

Good tape dispensers will speed up the time it takes for you to package goods and ensure a superior seal. There are multiple varieties of tape available, and some are even specialised for things like high impact or for alerting handlers to fragile or dangerous goods that may be inside a package. Tape is an essential packaging supply that no warehouse or household should be without. 

Packaging Boxes & Cartons

Sturdy and durable cardboard boxes and cartons are useful for transporting small and bulky goods alike. As far as packaging supplies go, it’s safe to say that cardboard boxes are the most popular choice when it comes to shipping almost any product you could think of. This is because they provide superior protection at an affordable price and can often be recycled once they’ve served their purpose. 

Boxes and cartons aren’t exclusively used for packaging, as they’re also great for long term storage if you need to protect valuables that you don’t need to access for a while. They can even be used as temporary quick fixes for broken doors or windows. 

Packaging Knives/Box Cutters

The importance of a good packaging knife or box cutter can’t be overstated. Not only will this tool allow you to instantly reduce your time spent on opening packages or cutting boxes to fit items you’re shipping, but it will allow you to do so safely and accurately. There are many cheaper box cutters and packaging knives on the market made from inferior materials. While their price may seem attractive, the increased chance of these affordable cutters breaking during use isn’t worth the safety risk. You should always spend the extra money to get a premium box cutter or packaging knife that will last you years instead of weeks. 

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