Most of the surgical operations that take place require an endoscopy that is achieved with the help of certain special type of equipment called the endoscopy instruments. For those who are not aware of what endoscopy is, it is a process carried out by the doctors to view and check the internal organs of a body of a patient. The instruments that are used by the doctor prevent any large incisions in the body and are inserted into the body with the help of a tiny cut or through the mouth of an individual.

The primary of all endoscopy instruments is a tiny tube that is flexible and has a camera attached to it. This is lowered into the body at the specific location and the camera feeds the output to the screen of the doctor where he observes and looks for the problem.

However, before you undergo an endoscopy, there are 4 important things that you should know:


Before you go for an endoscopy, you will need to have cleared your body in all ways possible. This means that you will have to fast for about 12 hours before you go for an endoscopy because if your stomach contains food then there are chances of blockage for the instruments and therefore it might alter the accurate results also.

Clean Bowel Movements

Your doctor might give you a few enemas and other medicines in order to completely clean your intestines so that there is no scope of discrepancy in the results that are obtained. If you are allergic to any sort of medication or if you are taking medicines prior to this, you should inform your doctor in advance to avoid messing up with your health or risk any sort of inconvenience.

There Are Chances of a Risk Involved with Contamination

The doctors take good care of the instruments and try to keep it clean, but still there are chances that it might be contaminated because of the different channels it is used in.

Types of Endoscopy

There are different types of endoscopy. So, you must be aware of the type of endoscopy you will be undergoing depending on the ailment and the scope of the health problem.