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4 Issues Caused by a Dirty Air Filter in Your Heating System


One of the worst things that can happen to your household during the winter is your heating system acting up. Not only will it cost you your heat and comfort, it could demand a lot of costly repairs or even a replacement. However, you would be surprised how many of these problems could have been prevented with proper air filter maintenance.

If you don’t clean or replace the filter according to the manufacturer specifications, your heating system might start to act up. The Mountain air filters is the first thing licensed mechanics check whenever they get a report of a malfunctioning heating system. And in most cases, that’s exactly where the problem lies.

But a dirty air filter will not only jeopardize your heating system, it might prove bad for your health as well. In this article, we give you 4 issues caused by a dirty air filter.

Heating System Breakdown

If you don’t clean or replace your filter on a regular basis, a clog is bound to form sooner rather than later. A clog in the filter can strain your heating system, making it work harder to compensate. As the furnace works harder, it might strain itself too much, causing a breakdown. If the issue goes that far, having to replace your heating system is almost guaranteed.

High Heating Bills

One more side effect of the heating system working harder to compensate for a clogged or dirty filter is the increase in your heating bill. As the system consumes more power to heat your home to the desired temperature, you will start seeing higher figures in the bill. A clogged filter can cause up to 15% increased spending compared to a fresh, clean air filter. And the more clogged the filter gets, the higher the bill will be.

Unable to Properly Heat

A good way to understand how a clogged air filter hurts your system is to imagine the clog as a piece of food stuck in your throat. At first, you start to struggle for air, but the more you do it gets harder to breathe. The same happens with a clogged air filter in your heating system. With the air flow obstructed, the heating system operates at a much lower capacity. It also affects the ability of the system to filter out dangerous contaminants.Which leads us to our last item.

Bad Air Quality

A filter is designed to keep harmful particles like dirt and allergens away from your home. But a dirty air filter actually becomes fertile breeding ground for bacteria and other germs, affecting the quality of air in your home.

A lot of debris and dust can come through a clogged filter, the same dirt the filter was designed to keep away. As the dirt piles up in your air ducts, it spreads throughout your home. Needless to say, if the air in your home is polluted with these contaminants, people suffering from asthma and allergies can face serious health risks.

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