4 Kinds of Men’s Underwear Briefs


The modern men’s underwear briefs descended from its ancient ancestor, the loincloth. Shirts and pants were not part of the norms then, so its primary purpose was to cover a man’s privates. Thousands of years later, fabrics soon joined the annals of history and took its place in the crotch-dressing industry. Since then, it has evolved to what we see now – underpants of all shapes, colours, designs, and sizes. 

The thing is, not all men know the difference between briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, and trunks. Even the guy who has it all may not have an idea which is which. So if you are up to switching up your wardrobe a notch, then you should know the basics of your underwear. There are four kinds of drawers for different purposes that are available in the market today. 


Your father, grandfather, and probably your great-grandfather had it. That you also have a pair is a correct assumption. Briefs are a staple in a man’s wardrobe. They cover the entire pelvic region, giving your crotch enough support during active days. It allows the leg to breathe by exposing the whole leg and the upper thigh. Briefs can be worn with all kinds of clothes at any time anywhere. Shorter guys claim that if you wear it as it is, it makes them seem taller than they actually are.


Having one of those lazy days? If you have a pair of boxers, then it is your lucky day. Boxers have a looser fit compared to other types of underwear. It has a looser fit around your legs, which keeps the crotch area neat and fresh. The field of medicine believes it can promote a higher sperm count because of its looseness. There are hordes of prints and makes for boxers since it is marketed more as sleepwear. Still, some men claim that wearing boxers with their shorts make them move more freely compared to other types of underwear. 

Boxer briefs

So you cannot decide if today is a brief or boxer kind of day? Well, you can wear both in one piece. The boxer brief is a reasonably new technology. It combines the comforts of wearing looser undies (the boxer) while having the crotch support you need from your regular drawers. It is as comfy to wear as regular boxers, but also snug-fitting at the same time. A variation of this is the boxer shorts, where it has an additional benefit of sculpting your lower trunk. Regardless of variant, it is a must for guys who are taller than six feet to wear boxer briefs. You do not want to look too tall now, do you?


Men often mistake trunks for boxer briefs. The only difference that they have is it is shorter than the latter. It also has a square shape and is best to use on swimming trips. It also gives excellent support to your privates, especially if you have a competition underwater. Tight trunks are meant for those with a slimmer body type. It can make you feel good while showing off your thing on the beach. 

Guys are naturally practical. But it does not mean that looking good does not matter. No matter what men’s underwear briefs you wear, your trusty clothing companion will keep you covered, safe, hygienic, and confident. 


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