Lots of ideas emerge from different people every day. Most of them are insignificant and not capable of making a considerable impact. Some are so innovative that they can transform into a full-fledged project and become a source of massive profits for the inventor and influence the lives of many people around the world.

But to begin the development of a project and transmogrify it into a full-fledged product, funds are needed. Uppermost, is start-up capital that is required to construct the foundation for development. Besides, further capital is required, which will be used to attract consumer attention and for other production purposes.

If the inventor doesn’t have the required amount of money to begin developing the product, it is possible to get it in different ways. Attracting investors, such as https://jkr.co/, is one of the most effective ways. But before looking for an investor, it is needed to understand what type of investor should be targeted for a project and know a way to attract his attention.

Who can be an investor?

Most investments are implementing by persons who possess large capital or enterprises. The main purpose of investing is undoubtedly to generate income. Also, thanks to investments, it becomes possible to strengthen a presence in the current market or begin an entrepreneurial activity in a new direction, by obtaining the necessary technologies and resources.

Actually, any person can become an investor. People passing by always have with them the amount of money they want to spend on something to use in everyday life. If the project can become useful for a group of people and they will use the already created product, in this case, it is possible to attract their attention and get money for the development of the project.

There is a huge number of different methods to find an investor and attract his eye to the project. In the current era, it is possible to do this not only by walking from one building to another, but also using the possibilities of the Internet. Using the most proven ways to find an investor, it is possible in the shortest time to obtain the necessary amount of money for creating a product according to the project.

 Proven ways to find an investor

  1. Crowdfunding platforms 

The crowdfunding phenomenon has existed for many years, but thanks to the development of Internet technology, it has acquired particular popularity as the fundamental platform for obtaining investments. Any person who created a project can publish it on a crowdfunding website and set the number of funds required to receive it. Clients of the site can simply make a donation or receive certain rewards for the amount invested, for example, to exclusively acquire the prototype of a developed product.

  1. Conferences and events 

Various exhibitions and conferences are held annually around the world in various business and scientific fields. Not only well-known but also promising inventors take part in such events. Having received a place at such a conference, it becomes possible to present in detail the project of a future product and attract the attention of a potential investor. Having evaluated the possibilities of the future product and have become interested in it, he can offer the necessary amount of money as an investment.

  1. Posting on social networks 

Social networks have thousands of visitors every day. Having an account, for example, on Facebook, and publishing news and information about the project on a personal page or in a special group, it is possible to gradually gather an audience of interested persons who can invest their funds in the project.

  1. Request for capital from relatives 

 Close people are always able to help and support at the right time. The same goes for receiving investments. In case of an immediate necessity to obtain capital, everyone can ask relatives for the required amount on the announced terms.