The Ancient Greeks have always been known for their anarchism politics and novel contexts of philosophy. They are also called as the father of Western civilization. So far, how do you really know about them?. So here are the lists of shocking facts about the great civilization of the Greeks that you don’t even know yet.

Ancient Greece Used Spider Webs As Bandages

One of the most shocking wtf facts about Ancient Greece is doctors are using spider webs as bandages for patients. Spider webs are expected to have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal elements, which help cleanse and avoid infection. Spider webs have also been said to be high in vitamin K, which prevent blood clot and heal wounds.

Ancient Greece Was Not Actually A Country

It’s a set of city-states, a typical misunderstanding is that ancient Greece was a single state, hate to break your balloon but Nah, ancient Greece was in reality made up of several city-states named Peleus. Have you heard of places such as Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, and Athens,? All of these were city-states in Ancient Greece.

Usually, these Peleus were insignificant in terms of the size of the population, and basically, like individual nations that had just a single city each. For this reason, each program had its own political, legal, judicial, and currency structures which, as we stated, effectively made it autonomous countries.

Notwithstanding these differences, although the Peleus displayed some common characteristics such as language and commonly spoken theological beliefs that helped to create a link and political ties between the nations, even Greece, as we recognize and love today, didn’t even exist.

Ancient Greece Started The Western Literature

In ancient Greece, western literature started. Do you love to read books, watch movies, or just recite the alphabet? Ok, you better commend the Ancient Greeks. They add great importance to both the written text and the drama. In fact, as per historians, western literature started with Homer when the poetry and compilation of poets are some believe that he creates classic works such as the Odyssey and the Iliad.

We may also conclude as evidence of the numerous Greek amphitheaters still standing, that the Greeks enjoy some drama, too. It makes more sense, they fundamentally created the format in both tragedy and comedy which formed influential works of art. They became the first to present vowels to a written language that led directly to the Latin script and also the languages that eventually evolved from it.

They Are Obsessed With Beard

Ancient Greeks were strangely fascinated with a nice beard, have you ever aware that every statue of an iconic Ancient Greeks man is there’s always an extensive curly beard on it. Wanting to know why? It’s not the reason that they don’t have scissors or razors, it’s because they saw the beard as the manifestation of masculinity.

Oppositely, they saw a smooth clean face or a without beard as feminine.  What else about it? They see a sign of intelligence when you have a healthy beard. Philosophers such as Socrates and Plato claimed that if you have a long beard it was typically discharged from an overloaded brain.

But it was not until Alexander the Great stepped out, he encouraged the shaving of beards in his time, but sadly it wasn’t always an aesthetic thing for some Greeks. The reason behind this is because the Macedonian soldiers were killed in battle after their beards grabbed by the enemies.


For sure after reading the lists about shocking facts of the civilization of Ancient Greece mentioned above, you probably might wanna know more about the untold stories of the Ancient Greek civilization.