4 Tips For A Wedding On a Budget


It’s no secret that weddings cost a pretty penny.  Since not everyone has the same budget as a celebrity, it may not be an option to go all out for your ceremony.  That’s not to say, however, that you can’t throw a perfectly fantastic wedding with a limited amount of funds.

If you’re looking to have a beautiful wedding but don’t want to spend tens of thousands, take a look at some of the best tips that will save you big money during the process.

Buy Used

Although a lot of people may think that you have to buy everything straight off of the shelf or it’s no good, it’s not the case at all.  Sometimes things which are considered used, have never even been used at all.

Many people look for vintage rings as an alternative to buying new not only for the cost difference, but you can also find much more original jewelry which they don’t make anymore.  

Alternatively, you could ask your family members if there are any rings which have been passed down through generations.  Not only is it a fraction of the cost of buying new, but there is a lovely sentimental attachment as well.

Choose a Free Location

Rather than spending thousands on location which is highly sought after, why not pick a place which is free of charge.  Many people choose to do an outdoor wedding in their backyard or in a public park, or even at a local library.

If you get creative enough, you may be surprised to find that there are all sorts of free options out there.  It’s merely a matter of putting your heads together to think of the best spots.

“Potluck” Style Reception Dinner

One great way to save a significant amount of money on your overall cost is to have a reception dinner which is a potluck.  Every guest brings one dish, and as a result, you have plenty of food for everyone at a minimal price.

Not only can home cooked meals cost much less than the price of a catering company, but it often tastes much better too!

Keep Your Guest List Small

You might be tempted to invite all of your friends and family since you want to celebrate with all of the people that you love without leaving anyone out.  However, the more people that you invite, the more your overall cost will increase.

Try to limit your guests to under 50 if you want to save the maximum amount of money and keep your costs at a minimum.  Additionally, you’ll have much less overall stress than if you had a wedding with hundreds of people.

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