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4 Tips For Decorating Your Home With Kids


Before you have kids, your home can be decorated however you like.  You don’t have to worry about things like juice spills or little ones falling down stairs.  In fact, before you have kids, you are likely completely unaware of any potential safety hazards in your home since you’ve never had children around before.

However, once you become a parent, and your babies start becoming mobile, you begin to realize how just about everything in your house needs to change.

Little ones like to reach for everything that they can and put all sorts of things in their mouths.  They can hurt themselves quite quickly and drop stuff on their heads that you didn’t even know could be dropped.  This may leave you feeling like you have to live in an unfurnished padded cell in order to keep them safe. However, you can still decorate your home and manage to keep them safe.  Here are some of the best tips for how to do it.

Avoid Carpets

Although a lot of homes have carpeted floors and they can be a cozy addition to a house, they absorb and retain stains.  Since kids are continually spilling and breaking things, you’ll want to keep them as far away from any carpeted surfaces as possible.

You should consider hardwood floor or linoleum over carpeting for kids.  It’s much easier to wipe up and avoid staining.


Plenty Of Space

Make sure that you have an open floor plan which gives the kids plenty of room to run around without having to worry about them bumping into anything or knocking fragile items over.

When your house has too many items in it, you not only risk your things getting broken, but also children hitting themselves.  Since children are naturally energetic and love to run around, you should make sure the space allows them to be as free as possible.

Round Edged Tables

Kids are constantly falling and bumping into edges, particularly tables.  It’s in your best interest to buy tables which have rounded edges.  If you’re not willing to buy all new furniture, you should consider buying rubber guards for the corners of your furniture.

That way, if your little ones have a nasty spill, they will hit a rubber surface instead of a sharp edge. Even though a bump on the edge of a table may not sound terribly dangerous, you’d be surprised how many kids end up in the emergency room because of falling against a coffee table.


Create a Play Space

It’s important to give kids one part of the house which is entirely dedicated to their playing.  They don’t have to worry about being discouraged from making messes or taking out anything that they want.

As a result, they’ll feel less inclined to make a mess in the other parts of the house which are forbidden.

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