You did everything right while you were pregnant, from making sure to eat right to resting and exercising. You even had fun while you were expecting with baby showers and gender reveal parties where you gave everyone gender reveal T-shirts. Now, your baby is here, right on time for the holiday season. 

Christmas is the perfect time to eat, drink, and be merry with the people you love. However, with a baby, it’s also a time of wariness, as there are so many ailments out there that could affect your little bundle of joy. Of course, you can’t just skip the holidays, so in this blog, you’ll find a few tips to help you get through the holiday season with your baby being well on the other side. 

Make Sure Your Baby is Vaccinated

While the debate on whether it is safe and effective to vaccinate is raging on, the general consensus is that children need to be vaccinated. It is important to note that in the winter months, it’s not the cold that makes you or your baby sick, it’s the spread of bacteria and viruses, which some vaccines protect against. If you’re not sure that your baby has had all of his vaccines, it’s best to contact your doctor to see which ones he needs before the holiday season begins. 

Make Sure All Guests Wash Their Hands 

The holidays are the perfect time for germs to float through your home and your families’ homes without a care. Make sure that you are super vigilant about washing your hands before you handle your baby and making sure that anyone who is going to touch or pick up the baby is as well. 

Dress Your Baby the Right Way

It’s going to be super tempting to bundle the baby up when you go out, and when you put him to bed at night. The proper rule of thumb to follow is that if you’re comfortable, the baby is probably comfortable as well. Don’t give in to the temptation to dress your baby in layers and blankets for bed, because he will be uncomfortable. By that same token, when you go out, try to dress him in layers that you can adjust and take off or layer on as the day warms or becomes colder. 

Make Sure Your Baby Gets Enough Sleep 

Christmas is a time of social gatherings, parties, and getting together with family. While it may be easy to get drawn into the joy and fun of it all, it’s not very good for your little one’s sleep schedule. A tired baby will get cranky, whiny, and will be unable to be pleased. Try to avoid large gatherings at your own home and taking the baby out to large gatherings in the evenings. The lack of sleep could affect his immune system and, at the very least, will make him irritable and cause him to not eat well. 

Following these few simple tips will ensure your baby stays safe and sound during the holiday season, and that your own Christmas is merry, healthy, and bright.