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5 Contaminants that Duct Cleaning Can Remove from Ducts


You might be wondering “just how dirty can my ducts get?” Is it really worth the price of duct cleaning? Once you know the kinds of contaminants that duct cleaning successfully removes, these questions will be answered in a heartbeat. Read on to discoverfive common contaminants duct cleaning can remove from ducts.

 1. Dust

If anyone in your family has allergies, then removing as much dust from your ducts via duct cleaning is of prime importance. Some people are very allergic to dust, and the simple task of hiring someone for duct cleaning can eradicate this problem to a large extent. When you have dust in your ducts, your air conditioning or heating system will propel the dust into the air and circulate it around your home, which is exactly what you don’t want. It’s unhygienic and will set off allergies, but it can all go away with a thoroughduct clean. 

 2. Allergens

Similar to dust, allergens in your ducts such as pollen and seeds can wreak havoc with your sinuses. You might come inside to get away from pollen during hay fever season, but if it’s in your ducts, you’re a sitting duck for hay fever, even while indoors! The only way to rid your air conditioner or heating system of allergens is to arrange for professionals to conduct duct cleaning on your system. It will make the world of difference to any member of the family who suffers from allergies. 

 3. Dirt

Dirt can also accumulate in your ducts, perhaps brought in by animals or the wind. Dirt is unwanted in your duct system as it can befilled with bacteria and is potentially unhygienic, especially when it’s being sprayed out into your home ecosystem. If you have dirt in your ducts, you’re literally breathing in dirt with every breath you take while in your home. 

 4. Animal Faeces 

This is something most people don’t want to think about: the fact that there could be poo in your ducts. As animals such as rodents or birds scamper through your ducts, they can leave behind little presents in the form of their faeces. That’s definitely something you don’t want. What’s even more horrendous is that your air conditioner or heater is blowing air through this faecal matter into your living room every day. Pretty gross, isn’t it? Fortunately, arranging duct cleaning on a yearly basiscan rectify this problem. A company that specialises in duct cleaning can get rid of the disgusting mess in your ducts so you can breathe easy. 

5. Dead Animals

Not only is there likely to be animal presence and waste in your ducts, but there’s also likely to be dead rotting carcasses of animals too. Some species get trapped in the ducts, or they die of old age without being able to escape to the outdoors. If you’re noticing an off smell coming from your ducts, this could be the cause. If you’re worried about the state of your ducts, you should arrange duct cleaning right away.

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