The key to losing weight is always the harmony of appropriate diet and workout. However, it does not mean that you have to bury yourself in the frustration and exhaustion of strict diets and intense workouts. Instead, if you want to be a slimmer you, some habit changes can make great influences. These suggestions below are the prime illustrations for the changes.

Supplement of vitamins and minerals

What you may not know is that when there is a shortage of vitamins and minerals in your body, it will catch on and reply by increasing the hunger level. And what most people react to the feeling is that they will take in more fat. As a result, your body will still not accommodate enough nutrients it actually needs.

So if you eat more vitamins and minerals (in green vegetables, liver, sardines, shellfish), you will increase the chances of taking in enough of whatever nutrients you are lacking. Reliable access to vitamins and minerals also reduces the starvation feelings, making it more comfortable to lose weight over the long run.

Stress less, sleep more

Many people admitted that the termination of their romantic relationships was the reason for their weight gain. It is a fact because chronic stress increases the level of stress hormones like cortisol, which comes with the effect of increasing the craving. Thus, a good spirit is an important factor contributing to the success of your weight loss plan.

It’s also crucial to get enough sleep. And by “enough” it does not only mean “8 hours”, but it also refers to appropriate sleeping time, preferably before midnight. You will then wake up with the refreshment of your own accords. Sleep deprivation comes hand in hand with sugar cravings, the enemy of your weight loss plan. To avoid this scenario, go to bed early enough for your body to autonomously wake up.

Exercise smartly

Many people associate the intensity of exercising with its effect in losing weight. In fact, they are overrating its impact. Even though the workout is one of the primary pillars in weight loss, its intensity barely relates. What is more important is the frequency of your workout sessions.

It’s not advisable to cram yourself into the vigorous physical exercises, instead, make sure you have 30 minutes every day for working out. The motions can be as simple as basic squat, push-up, and lunge. And with an appropriate diet, seeing the result in one week is completely possible.

Use weight loss pills

There are many brands on today’s market promising to be one of the best diet pills. However, whether or not it deserves the title depends on many factors. Best fat burning pills always come with abundant scientific and clinical studies backing its performance and safety. Also, they must not pose any side effect to your health during the usage.

There are many choices of pills to lose weight fast, but make sure you have a smart buying decision. These pills should be prescription-free, which means that you can buy it over the counter without any risk to your physical and mental health.

Eat real food

A common mistake of many dieters is that they are fooled by the marketing of the low-carb products. However, an effective diet should base on real foods – what humans have been eating for millions of years. Many low-carb food brands say you can eat pasta, cookies, chocolate. In fact, they either compromise the taste or the authentic ingredients of the products


Either way you are going to apply for your weight loss plan, it’s crucial to glue yourself to the plan. No weight loss plan has any effect with lack of commitment, and the best result will only come to those with patience and determination.