5 Gifts That Can Be Presented on Religious Occasions


Religious festivals always form the majority and give us a chance to meet and greet our loved ones after long hiatus. When family, friends, and relatives gather under one roof after a long time, we always remember to bring some gifts for each one. Because that’s the way of spreading love and compassion. Here are some useful gift ideas for you which can be used in any kind of religious festivals.

Jewelry: This is a precious item to be given to people. Some religious festivals form the epicenter of a community like Christmas for Christians, Eid for Islam, and Diwali for Hindus. These are the occasions when presenting something pricey and heavy is sort of mandatory and is also considered auspicious. A yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, diamond, or bronze can be the material. Living in Dubai, you have the highest proficiency to grab the latest designs of gold jewelries. So, take up a jewelry piece like necklace, earring, chain, wristlet, ring, or anklet as the Eid gifts for your mom, wife, and sister.

Flowers: You cannot neglect the contribution of flowers in completing any of our religious festival. It is either offered to God or used to decorate the venue nicely. And also there is a long tradition of gifting flowers on happy occasions. It is simple but when you take a lovely bouquet or basket arrangement of flowers, it becomes sophisticated. Rose, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, bird of paradise, cymbidiums, hydrangeas, or English ivy – there’s a plethora of choice here.

Candles: Candle is one of the most hopeful and positive gifts of the world. It is a source of light that shows the way in darkest hours and thus holds an importance in human history. All religions of the world believe that lighting up a candle in front of their idols would erase all kind of tensions, anxiety, and hurdles. Temples, mosques, monasteries, and churches are decorated with candles and other lights to celebrate a certain festival. You would get many types of candles in the market. Colorful, fragrant, small, big, in shape of petals, etc. – choose from the wide options.

Sweets: Religious occasions mean that the courtyard would be filled with guests and loved ones. Sweets are the easiest way to win anyone’s heart. Bring in gallons of sweets as gift for all of them. Sitting with loved ones and enjoying sweet dishes mean that there will always be an affable bond among all of you.

Dry Fruits: Not only on religious occasions, dry fruits can also be gifted on any other occasions. They are rich source of nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants. Thus heart would function well, blood pressure would be normal, memory would become sharper, and physical strength would rise. There are so many benefits of dry fruits. Bring in all kind of dry fruits like raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, apricots, and pistachios and decorate an embellished tray to present to your loved ones. Dry fruit Hampers is also an impressive Eid gift idea.

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