Summer is officially behind us, and the cool, crisp weather of autumn has started to set in. The season for creepy Halloween parties and wild costumes has arrived! Now is the perfect time to start planning the details for your most SPOOKtacular Halloween party yet. Check out these 5 ideas to make your party the creepiest of the year.

  1. Costume Trophies

Costume trophies are such a great idea for any Halloween party! You can have several different award categories as well—cutest costume, spookiest costume, kookiest costume, or even most 2018 costume. These memorable party favors can be used as inexpensive Halloween decorations in the homes of your guests for years to come.

  1. Mad Scientist Bar

Set up a mad scientist themed bar with vintage beakers and lots of dry ice. The beakers can be used to hold beverages or just for decoration. If you do use the beakers for drinks, you can print off labels that have an apothecary-esque vibe for an added touch! You might even fill mason jars with water and different “specimens” like cooked spaghetti noodles and canned jackfruit for a brain-like effect, hard-boiled eggs, or any other food that might have an unappetizing texture when floating around in water.

  1. Spooky Punch Bowl

For your punch, you might try something with more of a smoothie consistency. Anything with a deep red color will look great—strawberry, blackberry or raspberry. Throw in some gummy worms to the mix as well. For dry ice, place your smoothie bowl inside an even larger bowl. Use tongs or thermal gloves (don’t touch the ice!) to slide the ice in between the two bowls. Pour warm water around the dry ice just before your party starts!

  1. Marshmallow Spider Web Cupcakes

This is such an easy technique and you can use it on any cupcakes you’d like to make. Melt your marshmallows together in a large bowl. Scoop a little bit up with your fingers and pull them apart to get the stringy consistency. Use your fingers to wrap the marshmallow webbing around your cupcakes until you’ve achieved the look you want with your spider web!

  1. Bloody Shots

Give your shots a little pizzazz by putting them in fake, plastic syringes! You can find these syringes online, and simply fill them with something dark red and blood-like. You can use any liquor you’d like and add in food coloring to get the color just right.

Keep in mind that with the holiday season rolling in, there will be countless celebrations taking place throughout the last few months of the year. Stay cautious of other drivers on the road, and avoid the loss of driving privileges by not taking any risks behind the wheel. Stay safe and spooky this Halloween!