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5 Interior Designing tips that are in Vogue in 2019


The way you design your interiors, choose the color and pattern of your walls and place your furniturereflects your personality. It can be very confusing as to what theme or what color your walls should be or what style would you prefer in the long run. You must never take impulsive decisions as whatever style you choose will be permanent. It is better to seek professional help as an expert can guide you better on the positioning and layout of things.

The various interior designs that are on fleek this season are;


  • Modern and sleek designs: This sort of style mostly features soft pastel shades and wooden furniture. The timber can be used also in the walls or the furniture to give off a warm feel. The pastel shades can also be chosen that gives an air of regality. If you are planning on setting up any office, go for this style that features dark colored panels and sleek polished furniture. Most of the official interior designs in Bangaloreopt for this look to make their offices look the best.
  • Contemporary style: This style showcases the latest patterns, prints and the trendiest styled furniture. It mostly involves abstract art on the walls, quirky and twisted furniture. It has this wary and quaint vibe. But, it is not as wild as it seems. It also provides a sense of richness and exuberance. If you want to add a dash of color to your home, then you can definitely choose this style. Place your furniture in a planned way so that your prints wont clash together. Monotone furniture along with printed vibrant curtains make the perfect combination.
  • Fusion designs: Nowadays, many interior designs portray a fusion of ethnic and modern styles. For example, you can place an ethnic statue or symbol along with some vibrant drapes to deck up your living room. Or, you can choose some traditionally designed furniture along with modern sleek panes or maybe choose a false ceiling with multiple mellow lights. Many fusion designs also play with pale and bold shades, mixing together to appear more appealing.
  • Minimalist designing: Nowadays, the trend moves towards less is more. The bare minimum furniture is thrown around to leave more space. This makes even a small space look much bigger. This is especially for those who have a small home. The cupboards with extra spaces, trundle beds, large cupboards that can be folded, folding sofas, incorporating shelves on the lower walls, using up the spaces of windows makes the room look much bigger and gives you additional space to store things. This type of house is usually referred to as “smart homes”. It also incorporates a lot of technology and smart designing skills. A professional would guide you better in making your home a smart home.
  • Completely contrasting or Blending styles: Either you can select a color or theme and turn your entire room into that theme or you can play around and experiment and mix and match with different themes. Interior designs that match can also be very mellow and soothing. Usually, you can choose brownish or yellow shades that are comforting or even something bold like purple or blue. But if one wants to mix and match, do it carefully. Make sure the designs and prints don’t clash. Or the colors don’t overlap.

Make sure that whenever you choose a theme, you think of the near future at least. Your home is your safe sanctuary, where you return after a day’s work. So, make sure that you choose something that is warm and comforting. It must give you a sense of peace and relaxation. So, choose very carefully with utmost consideration.

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