Trade shows and exhibits are quite popular because this is where companies launch new products, get new customers, and network with other brands. Whether it is your first time, or you have been to a few in the last few years, it is always important that you achieve the objective of increasing business leads; otherwise, attending a trade show will be a complete waste of your time and resources. But a business does not become a trade show expert overnight. Even with ample planning, things could still fall through the cracks. If you want to ensure the success of your trade show exhibit, beware of the following critical mistakes.

Poorly designed exhibit booth

The trade show booth will be the face of your brand. Remember that a trade show is a congregation of competitors, which means that you need to strive hard to stand out from the crowd. Even with a limited budget, materials for your booth display need to be high-quality and vibrant. Look for one supplier that can design and produce all the materials you need, such as a pop up banner, stands, brochures, and flyers. The quality needs to be consistent and vibrant.

Avoid overcrowding your booth. The exhibit space needs to be open and inviting, and your sales staff should be able to move around and welcome guests.

Limited social media presence

Social media is a marketing must for any company participating in a trade show. Not only do you need to promote your trade show exhibition on your company’s social media channel, but you also need to link your promotion to the organiser’s social media accounts as well. Social media is, by far, the fastest and easiest way to get the word out about an upcoming event. The best part is, you do not have to pay to maintain your account unless you want a more targeted advertising campaign.

Booth staff with little training

Not every person in your sales team is suited for a trade show. You need to choose employees with excellent skills in conducting product presentations. Remember that they represent your company, which is why it is essential that they are trained well in every aspect of the business. Customers will likely ask a lot of questions, and if you only have interns and temp employees operating the booth, you will be in big trouble.

An aggressive approach to inviting attendees

Trade show attendees do not like to be ambushed into hearing a product presentation. But instead of a passive approach, aim for a more interactive presentation. Attendees will appreciate it more if they are free to explore and not forced to check-out your booth. You can also attract attendees by giving away promotional items. Games and small contests are also useful in catching the attention of trade show attendees.

Forgetting to follow-up after the event

Do not waste all the leads you gathered during the trade show. You need to follow up on these potential customers as soon as the event ends. Send them an email blast, invite them to follow you on social media and keep the communication lines open. These leads should become legitimate customers of your business, which is the main reason for joining a trade show in the first place.