5 Must-Have Jewelry for Women that Are Sure to Last a Lifetime


Since the dawn of civilizations, women and jewelry have had a very intimate relationship. Women throughout the history have worn jewelry to embellish their looks and improve their social standard. Even in the modern society, jewelry remains as an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. You can find women wearing elegant pieces of jewelry such as earrings and bangles during a party, in the red carpet or even in the common streets. Here we have listed must-have jewelry pieces that every woman should have to complete her look and complement any outfit she wears.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond jewelry is resplendent, designed to last, and are often called ‘forever’ for a good reason. The reasons that make this precious gemstone, one of the most sought-after gems are its strength and glamorous look.

Diamond earrings look small but they have a big impact when you wear them and effortlessly add a hint of glitz and glamor to your look. These earrings are brilliant and minimalist in design which makes them perfect for both formal and informal wear. Most of the times, these earrings complement anything you have in your wardrobe as only a minimal amount of metal used. Diamond earrings from the Albuquerque diamond jewelers are durable are the true epitome of understated glamour and elegance.

Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is a must-have for every woman with its fantastic simple symmetrical line of diamonds. This bracelet is a statement piece that you can wear every day and complements any look you desire. Another different piece that you can consider is Sunflower Bracelet.

Hoop Earrings

Who doesn’t love hoop earrings? When it comes to women’s jewelry, these are a quintessential classic, effortlessly glamorous and are among the best statement pieces you can choose. It gives you a pretty and edgy look. When you choose the right color, it accentuates your skin tone, you can easily bring on the magic with your hoop earrings. But, keep in mind, the hoops you choose must also be suitable for your neck length and face shape.

Statement Rings

Even if the statement rings are considered as a small piece of jewelry, it carries a big punch. With a simple diamond ring from Albuquerque jewelers help you to create any desired look and do not scream for attention. Statement rings are meant to accentuate your look and are sure to dazzle anyone who notices them.


The necklace is a broad category, and some of the popular choices are gold necklaces, solitaire pendants, statement necklaces such as turquoise necklaces, vintage-inspired lockets, pretty chokers, and pendant necklaces. Wearing a beautiful necklace brings out the best in your skin tone, draws focus to your face, and accentuates your neckline.

For any woman, these five are some of the most crucial pieces of jewelry they should have in their jewelry box. Other jewel pieces they can also have are men-inspired watches, gold bangles, charm bracelets, diamond cocktail rings, pearls, and metallic cuffs. Visit one of the leading jewelry stores in Albuquerque to buy the best quality diamond jewelry at your budget.

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