Beyond the romantic feelings about a retail business, it’s about making money. Once you’ve selected the perfect merchandise, you need to customers to move it. Many have seen success in the retail industry using a combination of strategies. From a simple neon sign transformer to a solid marketing plan, using these proven strategies will help build an attractive retail business.

Diversified advertising

Most companies have made digital advertising their primary focus. It’s smart to devote more but not all your time in that realm. Many traditional advertising methods still work. When people are traveling or waiting in traffic, they still look at billboards. The signs allow customers to quickly capture the most important details. It’s all about putting your information in the customer’s view.

Video Marketing

Join a social media group for those schedule video streams and help each other by sharing the videos. The people have shown they enjoy visuals and video, so be open to the trend. Use video as a way for customers to learn about you and your staff. Show them what makes your retail store different. You can also teach them something about a product you offer.

Attractive signage

Use many types of signs to share business information and market to customers. Yard signs are small gestures to let customers know about your business as they drive or walk past an area in the city. At the actual location, make sure you have a marquis sign with a professional design. Depending on the type of lights the sign has, you will also need a neon sign transformer.

High energy employees

Happy employees make happy customers, but it also has to be genuine. That’s why it’s important to spend a little extra time in your hiring process. Make sure the staff’s personalities mesh well with people interaction and the business culture. As a startup, let your business be the example when others have let customer service fall by the wayside.

Consistent sale promotions

Excellent customer service will beat low prices, but having both is even better. People love a good sale. They feel a sense of accomplishment after getting what they want at a lower price than expected. Have some type of sale on a weekly basis. Offer a percentage off, and buy one get one, or an item sale. Use email marketing and signage to promote the sale and gain traffic.

When you’re up against the competition, this combination of strategies will help you stand out in retail. Communicate who you are with eye catching signs and a good marketing strategy. Let the sales bring customers in and the service keep them coming back for more. That along with good products will set you up for long term retail business success.