Diet plays a major role in our well-being and this is the sector of our lives that are neglected the most. From improper dietary intake to no fixed time for meals and yet we keep pushing our bodies to the limit. While the meal times cannot be regulated as per our wants thanks to the hectic work schedules, we can take care of the amount of nutrients we are ingesting to keep our body fit and functioning. Including spirulina in your diet is one of the most effective ways to take care of the nutrient needs of the body. The spirulina tablets have been present for centuries and have served as a complete nutrient supplier.

Why have spirulina in our diet

The spirulina is an alga of the cyanobacteria family and before you cringe, this alga is one of the most important sources of protein. Protein is essential for the body as it helps in cell regeneration, tissue repair, and enzyme formation and plays a role in building bones, blood and skin. Ingesting spirulina capsules not only provides you with the daily quota of protein but also adds essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, all vitamin B complex , beta carotene, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc and carbs. With all these minerals and vitamins you are bound to feel better. If you are still wondering if addition of this alga is essential then here are the health benefits of spirulina capsules:

  • One of the major roles, besides providing nutrients, is keeping your immune system strong. The antioxidants present in spirulina – phycocyanin – prevent the formation of free radicals and acting also as a detox agent. This antioxidant also doubles up as anti-inflammation agent to prevent skin problems and allergies.
  • A higher blood pressure causes damages to the heart and can also induce massive cardiac arrest. Spirulina is found to lower the blood pressure via the release of nitric oxide that signals the brain to dilate the blood vessels and making the flow more relaxed.
  • Another cause for high blood pressure is the formation of bad cholesterol. While good cholesterol helps in the solubility of many enzymes and vitamins, the bad cholesterol causes the blood vessels to constrict that prevents the blood corpuscles from flowing freely. This blockage ultimately induces heart attack. Spirulina is found to help in the reduction of triglycerides while boosting HDL cholesterol levels.
  •  A good metabolism helps in maintaining a healthy weight while providing you with the required amount of energy to see you through the day. Ingesting spirulina tablets is found to increase metabolism that helps in weight loss and increase in energy.
  • Studies also found the beneficial effects of spirulina in controlling blood sugar levels. People suffering from diabetes will benefit from spirulina as the blood sugar levels are lowered greatly.

Adding about 8 gms of spirulina to your daily diet is recommended to see the fruitful effect of this capsule. While this supplement will aid in maintaining your daily dietary requirements, it is still mandatory to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating more vegetables, avoiding smoking and incorporating exercises as part of your routine.  

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