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5 Steps in Choosing the Perfect Shade Sails for Your Home


Weather patterns are sometimes unpredictable. One minute you are experiencing extreme heat, the next day, the rain pours down heavily. If you have a mini patio, this kind of weather condition can damage your chairs and tables that are displayed outside. Consider adding Shade Sails for your home to ensure your outdoor area is covered. It is a great way to add cover from sun protection and rain showers.

Shade sails are also a perfect way to add a flexible shaded area that is semi-permanent to your outdoor space. They are made of materials in various shapes and measurements to fit the space that needs covering. It can be positioned on several surfaces, including walls, trees, and other structures. But how do you know what kind of shade to use? These five easy steps will help you find the best outdoor cover to fit your needs.

  • Plan Where you Want to Install your Shade

Before you think about buying shade sails for your outdoor space, you need to decide where you want it installed. Map out the area so that you can get the right measurement for your covering. Consider how much area you want to cover.

Make sure that the space you choose to cover has nearby structures where you can connect the fixing points of your shade. If you are planning to attach the shade as an extension to your garage, then it becomes easier to install. However, if the area that needs covering does not have an existing structure, you will need to add posts that can hold your shade.

  • Consider Your Budget

The cost of Shade Sails varies according to its size and material. A quality shade that protects from unpredictable weather can be costly. You have to choose a covering that can withstand the heat and rain at the same time. 

Although you have the option to choose something cheaper, if the material is not sturdy enough, you might end up replacing your shade from time to time. You will end up buying another shade, which is not ideal if you want to save money. Quality shade can be expensive, but consider it a good investment.

  • Style

Choosing the right style for your shade sails depends on the area that you want to cover. A square shade provides a larger area to cover, while a triangular shade only conceals small spaces. Nevertheless, whatever style you prefer, it can transform the overall interiors of your home’s outdoor space.

  • Material

The materials used for Shade Sails are specifically designed to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. It comes in two materials, the waterproof shade and breathable shade. The waterproof shade is ideal if you often experience a volatile climate. They are easy to clean and do not rot easily. The breathable shade is made of durable materials and extremely strong. It has tiny holes that allow the heat to escape. It is ideal to use during summer but not during the rainy season.

  • Get Creative

Be creative with the designs of your shade sails. It comes in a variety of colours that you can match to complement your outdoor space or home. Installing a shade for your area does not have to be bland and boring. When you choose a protective covering for your home, it does not have to be arduous. If you follow these simple steps, it can provide you with ideas of where to start and what to look for.


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