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5 Surprising Ways Metal Roofs Can Save You Money in the Long Term


Which roofing material costs more to install – a metal roof or asphalt shingle? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners when installing a new roof. No doubt, the upfront cost of installing metal roofs is higher than shingles. 

But there’s another question you should consider: which roofing option saves you more money through its lifespan? The answer is simple – a metal roof. 

Not sure how metal roofing can help you save money in the long run? This blog covers everything you should know about energy savings with metal roofs.

Eliminate Your Roof Replacement Costs 

One of the primary reasons why homeowners choose metal roofs is their longevity. They last up to 2-3 times as long as other roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Typically, you will need to replace your asphalt shingle roof every 12-15 years. But a well-maintained metal roof may last up to 40-70 years. 

The lifespan of metal roofs offsets the need to replace them frequently, helping you save a significant amount of money. The money you save on roof replacements will eventually offset your initial investments. Why spend money on installing three roofs when you can get a metal roof and skip the hassles? 

Metal Roofs are Low-Maintenance 

Traditional roofs such as shingles or clay tiles may need regular inspections, repairs, and cleaning. They tend to accumulate more dirt, moisture, and snow – damaging the roof over time if proper care is not taken. In contrast to other roofing materials, metal roofs require less upkeep. Interlocking panels and hidden fasteners are used during installation to prevent snow, rain, or debris from building up over the roof.

Metal roofs often come with a protective coating called galvalume. This coating prevents the roofing from oxidation or rusting. Additionally, they are resistant to roofing issues like insect infestations, rot, and warping. The natural strength of metal prevents the roof from getting dented easily during hailstorms.  

Hence, you can avoid hefty expenses related to frequent repairs and maintenance of metal roofs. 

Save Money on Your Energy Bills 

To be honest, metal doesn’t have excellent insulation properties of its own. But high-quality metal roof installations come with underlayers of insulation that help maintain optimum temperatures inside your home. Additionally, metal is an excellent reflector of heat. A metal roof can reflect up to 70% of the sun’s heat, keeping the interior cool and comfortable. This helps reduce your cooling costs during hotter months.  

In winter, metal roofs help prevent fluctuations between your attic’s temperature and the outdoor temperature. This keeps the inside warm through efficient ventilation. Hence, you can cut down on your heating costs too. It means your HVAC system no longer has to function at maximum capacity during summer or winter systems. 

This could potentially help you save thousands of dollars on energy bills over the roof’s lifespan. However, insulating your metal roof is a necessity to maintain optimum temperatures inside your home.     

Lower Your Insurance Costs 

Metal roofs are fire-retardant and also provide excellent protection against hail, storm, and wind disasters. Metal roofing panels with a Class IV rating can withstand up to two inches of hail in diameter without causing any significant damage. As such, insurance companies consider metal a low-risk roofing option due to its strength and durability. They often provide lower insurance rates or discounts to homeowners who install metal roofs. Hence, you can save on your insurance costs too. 

Metal Roofs are Solar-friendly 

Metal aids in solar panel installation better than asphalt shingles or ceramic tiles. These are mounted on a metal roofing using brackets or clamps – no failure points or holes are involved in installing solar panels. Additionally, metal roofs last for about fifty years or more. So, you do not need to replace the roof when it is time to replace your solar panels. This can again help you save money.     

The Final Words 

Are you ready to invest in metal roofing and save money in the long term? Hire professional roofing contractors in Spokane, Advance Roofing LLC. A metal roof is durable and long-lasting and can help you cut down on your energy bills. At the same time, it can enhance the curb appeal of your home with its myriad styles and colors. Together, metal roofs can increase the resale value of your home.           


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