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5 Things to keep in mind when selecting bunk bed designs


Decorating the room of your kids often turns out to be more challenging than doing the rest of the house – even difficult than the living room and if you have more than one kid, you are in for one roller coaster ride. Getting king size beds not the solution that works every time especially when you want to be considerate of the choices of all your kids. Space is also an issue and in these cases you are faced with the only option, bunk beds. But, that too comes with a set of dos and don’ts.

Tips on buying bunk beds

With the popularity of bunk beds, the bunk bed designs have taken an upgradation to suit the needs of parents in terms of functionality and kids in terms of style. Concerns of safety and accessibility are addressed in the modern bunk beds to make the choice easier for parents. Apart from these two, there are other aspects that you need to consider while buying bunk beds for your kids.  Here are the top 5 tips:

  1. Strength and safety – The height of the bunks matters when we are talking of small kids and we do not want any accidents happening. Moderate heights too possess a certain amount of danger which is why many bunk bed designs include railings along the upper bunks. This brings us to the strength of such features. While the choice of material is limited to metal and wood, the preference for wood trumps metal as wood is sturdy, non-slippery and often lasts for years, if not generations, and are customizable.
  2. Height and room size – The layout of the room plays an important role in the design and placement of the bunk bed. If you have a rectangular room, then the wall built bunk beds are the best option to utilize the space and accommodate the other furniture. Similarly, if you have a lower ceiling, you would want to reconsider the height of bunks and the space between two berths. You do not want your children to hit their heads in the ceiling every time they get up suddenly.

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  3. The ladder – The requirement of the bunk bed is not only to save space but to also make your kids well attuned to each other. When you have your kids choose which berth they want you have to be extra careful if the little one calls dibs on the top berth. You do not want them tumbling down the ladder. You can opt for the staircase option to avoid such accidents.
  4. Features you need – When you are decorating the kids’ room, you often select a theme and the furniture are selected and decorated likewise. In case of a space crunch, your bunk beds can provide you with multifunctional options. You can choose to incorporate features like study table, wardrobe, cabinets or even tents to fit the theme and requirement of your children. These add-ons are great to incorporate. You can even have pull out bunk beds for their friends and if you plan to shift to a house with bigger room space, you can opt for the twin/bunk beds.
  5. The looks – Colorful furniture for the kids’ room are a must. The aesthetics of the room lies in the brightness and the amount of light entering the room. With bright beds, the kids will be more likely to not fall into a gloom even if they have a hard day at school.


Keeping these in mind, at the end of the day, remember to consult your kids too when you are planning the decoration of their room. After all, it will be their zone and their inputs are much more important. If you are worried about pricing, then the online world takes care of your worries with furniture stores offering lucrative discounts.

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