5 Things To Look For In a Family Doctor


Choosing a new family doctor for your household is a big decision whether you have kids or not.  Having doubts in your mind about whether you made the right choice or not can leave you feeling insecure and unsure about whether you’re in good hands.

It’s your doctor’s responsibility to ensure that you are given the proper medical attention and diagnosis should you or anyone in your family have a medical issue.  Failing to find the right person for the job could have tragic consequences if they don’t know what they’re doing.

When looking at prospective family doctors, it’s important to make sure that they have the following qualities.

They Are Thorough

Having a doctor who rushes through your appointment and doesn’t care to listen to the details of your specific symptoms isn’t the kind of person that will have your best interests in mind.  Failing to ask the right questions and complete the proper tests could result in disaster, so it’s important to know that your family doctor will take the time necessary to get to the bottom of what’s happening.

They Listen To You

A lot of doctors have very busy schedules and are in a rush to get to the next appointment. As a result, they may not be paying attention to everything that you say.  

You want a doctor that will take the time to listen to your specific needs and build a personal relationship with you and your family.  Doing so means that they are personally invested in your well-being.  You aren’t seen as just a number to them, but a real human being and your health is important to them.

They Are Compassionate

When doctors go to medical school, they can often start to feel a detachment to their patients.  Sometimes it’s used as a defense mechanism in order to be able to deal with people dealing with extreme pain and discomfort.

However, feeling like your doctor doesn’t care and is lacking humanity is the last kind of person that you want to trust with your health.

They Are Experienced

Even though a doctor has gone to medical school doesn’t mean that they’ve got enough experience under their belt. It’s essential that they have had actual first hand practice so that you know you’re getting the best possible medical opinion.

They Don’t Judge

Often you have to give your doctor specific personal details which are embarrassing that you may not share with the whole world.  A good doctor won’t make judgments about the information that you share with them.

You’ll feel at ease sharing information about yourself without fearing that they’ll make assumptions about you as a person.

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