5 Things You Need To Know for humor


We all want to be humorous while socializing or hanging out with friends. Everyone is aware what humor is, but the irony is nobody can define how it works. Humor or Jokes about men were present in every known human culture. According to a research on an average, a person laughs around 17 times in a day.

Be playful

Researchers say that human evolves from social play. A person who is observing what is happening around closely can imitate the same things. Any such activity will make people laugh. This is the reason why you are 30 times more likely to laugh when you are hanging out with friends.

You can contradict

You can be humorous when you say two contradictory sentences together like, never date a tennis player. Love means nothing to them. People enjoy when you say something under two contradictory interpretations.

Be illogical

This may sound surprising for you, but the contradiction is rule number two of being humorous. Whenever you will give an illogical definition of something, then it will sound funny. If you want to make people laugh,do not be logical while reasoning.

Many people use nonsensical jokes created by children, but the irony is every adult is enjoying it.

Give opposite answer to simple yes/no questions

This is one of the easiest ways to be funny. If you cannot be funny by saying witty things or Jokes about men, then you can give opposite answer to yes/no questions. This may be surprising for you, but it is simple. In case, people are expecting you to say yes, you have to say no. If you have to say no to the question, then simply say yes. The more obvious answer is, the more humorous it will be.

When people ask you something and you think they are already aware of the answer, say the opposite answer first. Then laugh and give your real answer. You will feel the magic in this simple thing. By giving opposite answer, you will surprise your audience and it is natural that they will love it. Then do not delay to say your real answer.

Switch the characters

When you tell a story, there are multiple characters in it. It is obvious that all the characters are different and by their names, people make an assumption. You can switch between the characters. Let us understand it by an example that in a story,Big Bad Wolf is dangerous andLittle Red Riding Hood is not. Make Big Bad Wolf a sweet character. This will change people’s assumptions and make the things interesting.

Mia Johnson
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