5 Tips for Decorating Your Home With a Rustic Theme


Enjoy the ambiance of a winter retreat by decorating your home with a rustic theme. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, these five helpful tips make it easy to give your home a warm, relaxing look.


Go with Nature-related Features

Before you begin adding furniture, it’s important to start with crafting the interior. The key to a rustic-style home is bringing the feel of the outdoors into your home, and a crucial part of rustic decor is nature-inspired items. Not only should you add rustic furnishings to your living space, but you should also take care to install things like wide plank hardwood floors, faux wood beams or reclaimed barn wood beams, and wood panel walls to give your residence a complete look. After you’ve finished the interior, you can start adding rustic-themed furnishings, such as cabin furniture.


Turn up the Heat

When most people picture a log cabin home, an image of a cozy warm fireplace comes to mind. If you’re not interested in adding a fireplace to your home, you can still utilize the theme of fire by adding candles throughout your living space or adding a patio fire pit where you and your house guests can comfortably relax and chat.


Use Your Imagination

One of the benefits of going with a rustic theme for your home is that you can find a lot of ways to cheaply, or freely, decorate. You can gather tree stumps, twigs, nuts, dried leaves, and acorns to use as decorations for a centerpiece, or pick up some pine cones from outside and place them in a bowl. The sky’s the limit when you’re thinking of ways to incorporate nature into your home decor. Show off your creativity by thinking outside of the box when searching for a way to liven up your home.


Mix the Element of Comfort with the Rugged Outdoors

Wood is a common feature in rustic decor, and you may choose to go with a wood bench or surround your patio table with wood chairs. However, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. There is a broad range of cabin furniture that you can choose from which features built-in cushioning, or you can separately purchase pillows of your choice and add them to your furniture.


Welcome Guests in Style

Your porch is the first place people see when visiting your home. Grab their attention with country-style plants, such as daisies and hydrangeas. Complement the plants by adding items with warm or cool tones for a rich look. Comfort is also a big factor in rustic-style or country-style homes, so be sure to add a large rocking chair with plush cushions or oversized wicker chairs where your guests can sit and enjoy the cool breeze. Finally, you can incorporate some vintage-style items to complete the look. Browse through the items at your local thrift store or flea market, and pick up an aged wood table or classic-style signs.



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