Visual content has been proved an anchor’s sheet for the modern marketers in last few years.

Digital expert’s job is to create something that can convert readers or visitors into loyal customers. In order to create that, factors like engagements and user interaction should not be overlooked.  

Infographics, banners and other types of high-quality images are being used on Social media in order to attract more and more potential customers. The brands have  been using major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to promote their products and services.

Although videos are still the best visual content that boosts the engagement, HQ images have managed to stay in the game of display marketing on photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

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Below are the 7 tips to design the best graphics for your SMO strategies:

  • Keep it simple, clean and easy to understand

In order to improve the engagement on Social Media, designers must create images that provide precise information or content in a very less design.  Another word that graphic designer use to describe this technique is “Minimalism”.

  • Balance the amount of text and design

Images should not be messy if your aim is to provide relevant value to the audience. Images with too many colors, shapes, and design often get overlooked by the customers. On the other hand, if your image has a balanced amount of design element and text, it will attract more and more users to your visual content.

  • Use design themes as per your audience

Every graphic designer can relate to the fact that each color, theme, and design represent a set of ideas. Choosing the right design for your audience is very important in terms of engagement. For instance, if most of your readers are men, you should use bold, dark colors with contrast and masculine theme. If your audience is comprised of children, you should use wide, bold colors with fun and intricate designs.

  • Use design elements in your images

There are different types of small design element that can be used to highlight balance, emphasis, movements, pattern, repetition or proportion. The most important thing is knowing where and when to use these design elements. Designers must familiarize themselves with these principles and then put them to practice.

  • Use typography to attract more readers

Every graphic designer can relate to the importance of good font in a design. The art of writing beautifully can provide an astonishing improvement in terms of engagement and social presence. In order to make the best use of it, use contrast font styles with a balanced typographic hierarchy.

The above-mentioned designing tips will definitely help you improve the social presence of your brand. Visual content is rising like never before so it becomes really important to design perfect images to reach potential customers.