It is very important to treat our skin right, especially with the increasing amount of pollution and stress levels. Protecting our skin from the harsh whims of nature, air quality and self-imposed burden on a regular basis can be really helpful in keeping it nourished and healthy. Here are 5 tips that you can follow to maintain flawless skin.


The most important step of a healthy skin routine is cleansing it on a regular basis, at least two times a day. Every time you step out of the house, the pores of your skin shut themselves up because of your encounter with the heavy pollution in the air. Washing off the dirt at the end of the day with a good face wash or cleansing milk will reopen the pores for them to breathe again. This will facilitate your skin to draw moisture for its nourishment.


After you have cleansed your face, choose a skin toner that matches appropriately with your skin type so that its pH balance is not disturbed. Be careful to choose a gentle toner so that it eradicates every trace of harshness that is left in your skin after cleansing. What will amaze you is the fact that even though you have thoroughly washed your skin, a lot of dust will still be emitted from it during the process of toning. Toning the skin relaxes it so that it is prepared to receive the moisture surge.


The most inevitable part of your skincare routine is moisturizing. No matter what is your skin type, whether oily or dry, applying a good amount of moisturizer over it before going to bed, or applying a layer before makeup is essential to keep the skin deeply hydrated from inside. Moisturizing helps to replenish skin tissue so that the minerals and nutrients lost throughout the day are restored in the right amounts that will help your skin to prepare itself for the next day. Here, it is important to break the myth that oily skin is more prone to acne when treated with a moisturizer; rather, not applying a layer of it will increase the probability of breakout.


The pitiless effects that pollution have on our skin can only be eliminated with the help of scrubbing. The adamant pollutants and dust remain trapped in the pores of our skin even after cleaning it, and that is when scrubbing it comes to your rescue. The scrub particles are harsh on the enemies and gentle on the skin at the same time giving you a rush of freshness. Therefore, carefully pick a tender scrubber for skin; but using one on a regular basis is not recommended as it tends to make your skin dry.

Use essential oils or serums:

These days a wide range of compressed natural oils, essential oils and night serums are available in the market in different sizes and of varied composition that has variable targets to fulfill. Find out the exact threat that your skin is facing and wisely choose the product that will be helpful to combat that issue. If you have a sensitive skin, chose among mild options of oils that will maintain the pH balance of the skin without irritating it.