Aussie Adventures: 5 Tips for Preparing for a Road Trip Around Australia


Australia is a beautiful road-tripping destination, and many a traveler has embarked on the Big Lap, which involves circumnavigating the continent through all but one state. Whether you plan on taking this 9,320-mile journey or a slightly shorter one, you may be curious about the best ways to prepare to take advantage of all the continent has to offer.   

While any road trip can be worthwhile, you’ll enjoy the adventure of a lifetime if you prepare in the following ways: 

Prioritize Food and Water

There won’t be a café on every corner as you navigate some of the remotest parts of Australia, which is why having food, water, and cooking equipment can be crucial. The best ceramic cookware in Australia is easy-clean for convenience while cooking on the road. It’s also worth having a store of non-perishable snacks like muesli bars, trail mix, popcorn, and dried fruit. 

A portable water tank is also an excellent investment, especially since some parts of Australia are known to get very hot during the summer months. 

Plan Fuel Stops

If you’ll be exploring outback routes in Australia, planning your fuel stops is crucial. Otherwise, you might end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with no gas stations in sight. 

Before setting off, plot your travel route and highlight the fuel stops and distances between them. It may also be helpful if you know how much fuel your vehicle consumes, so you can plan your stops accordingly. According to the latest data, the average fuel consumption rate per passenger vehicle in Australia is around 11.1 liters per 100 kilometers. 

Book Ahead of Time

While some accommodation and attraction providers don’t require or accept bookings ahead of time, many actively encourage it. To avoid disappointment and to ensure you’re prepared for post-pandemic travel in Australia, it’s worth booking activities and accommodation ahead of time. 

Not only can this ensure that you can stick to your itinerary as closely as possible, but you may even save money since some businesses offer deals if you book online in advance. 

Communicate with Friends and Family

No traveler wants to think about their road trip being ruined by an accident or vehicle breakdown. However, these things happen, and your loved ones knowing where you are could be crucial. 

Before setting off on your road trip, provide someone you trust with a copy of your itinerary, and keep them updated as to your whereabouts on any given day. Tell them when your plans change or if you’re running behind or ahead of schedule. This way, if you encounter any trouble and require assistance, people will have a rough idea of where you are. 

Set Driving Targets

Australia has an abundance of fun family attractions, and you might be planning to experience as many of them as possible. For that to be a possibility, you might need to set driving targets to make it to your planned destinations on the days and times you intended. 

However, it’s essential to make sure you’re setting achievable driving targets. Never drive when you’re feeling fatigued, and take breaks when you need them. You might also consider sharing the driving with a passenger to make your trip even safer and more enjoyable. 

Preparing for a road trip around Australia can be exciting, especially if you’re getting ready to see attractions you may have never experienced before. To ensure you have a safe and fun trip, add the steps above to your to-do list. 

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